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Society of whole nation of the 7th Nanjing is communal and safe be on guard prod
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Show time: On April 9, 2008 - 11 days

Show a location: Nanjing international exhibits a center to sponsor an unit: Division of science and technology of Jiangsu province Public Security Department undertakes unit: Nanjing collects exhibit an exhibition to serve limited company assist run an unit: Technology of Jiangsu province Public Security Department is on guard administrative office Jiangsu saves ability of 13 city public security bureau to prevent do supportive medium: " China is communal and safe " " how does · of advertisement of Hui Cong market conditions prevent technical market " " how is China prevented " " be filled with change world of · security equipment " " how to prevent market conditions " " always how is intelligence of · of advertisement of peaceful radical trade prevented " " discover resource · how

" how is China prevented extend meeting network " " how is China prevented purchase a net " " how to prevent trade net " " safe world " " how does Xi'an prevent a net " " Chu Tianan prevents a net " " how to defend product world " " how to prevent city newspaper " " Market prospect is capacious
· Jiangsu province is strong caution of science and technology of ministry of the Ministry of Public Security, science and technology model province, ” of “ restful Jiangsu is the ” of project of “ a party to an undertaking of Jiangsu Party Committee of all levels and government, it is the ” of project of “ common feelings of people that the whole people participates in join forces to make.
The success that · Jiangsu establishs in safety: The county of 87 % (city, area) be judged to be county of safety of “ security of society (city, area) ” ; Satisfactory to security of society rate climbs Jiangsu province masses continuously litre, achieved 95.8 % 2006, of Jiangsu found in safety also be administered integratedly two years by central security of society continuously the branch is judged for the whole nation the first. “ builds ” to already made the brand that Jiangsu common people approves most in safety, lasting effect of Jiangsu safeguard “ is restful the mechanism of ” is preliminary build.
·2006 year put together of complete province investment is treated and build special funds to amount to many yuan 50 in safety, investment prevents the fund that controls systematic construction to amount to 4.3 billion yuan. Jiangsu province makes clear requirement each district to departmental door treats put together and build funds to include finance the budget in safety and pay actually reach the designated position, examine content as restful construction.

·2007 year in Feburary, nanjing city still is decided by the Ministry of Public Security for the whole nation 50 first standardization build one of demonstrative cities. ·2007 year in May, spot of experience of construction of Fan Cheng city meets strong caution of the 2nd batch of science and technology of countrywide to be held in Jiangsu, science and technology of Jiangsu province old change is powerful alarm mode is become to countrywide example. ·2007 year, 2008 is ministry of our country the Ministry of Public Security, science and technology develops the 2nd batch of science and technology jointly in the whole nation the main attack a particular year that Fan Cheng city builds strong caution, also be the Ministry of Public Security begins a city to call the police in the whole nation with supervisory system (3111 projects) pilot unit is built and acceptable a particular year, the rapid development that good industry grows setting to be saved in Jiangsu to how defend a product offerred a superexcellent chance. Industry brand exhibits meeting Nanjing how to be prevented exhibit establish 2002, already held 6 successfully continuously up to now, it is Jiangsu provincial establish the earliest, have authority most, have the dimensions, richest effect most how to prevent industrial distinguished gathering. In Jiangsu province Public Security Department and each city ability are prevented do support energetically and below the leader, in broad install those who defend a firm to take an active part in below, exhibit the brand of the meeting to spend spend times wife getting job with the acknowledge that buy the home person praise highly, already developed become Jiangsu to save the annual major with public security crucial system to exhibit meeting, exhibit in what how home prevents a trade at the same time force also is had quite in the meeting. Go to before reviewing 6 are exhibited can attract domestic and international numerous and well-known trademark to include United States of Sony, JVC, BOSCH, TCL, LandWell in all Lan Dehua, Beijing is blue card, Shenzhen is together, Gong Ping of domain of Shenzhen Le Keli, Shenzhen, Zhejiang, exhibit can reveal a society adequately the new product of communal and safe domain and new science and technology, for manufacturer communication breath of communication of technology, channel, commerce negotiates provided a capacious platform. How is the division of science and technology of Public Security Department of province of professional audience · that has effect extremely prevented to the 6th Nanjing exhibit height to take seriously, dispatch organization invited come from the public security system that visits 13 town that save administer completely staff is present related the purchase department of concerned executive authority such as Wu of company of leader and project business, security personnel, judicatory, fire control, frontier defence, army, traffic, custom, duty look around purchase, the audience organization work that sponsors an unit to have specific aim, strong, rich effect got join those who exhibit business to agree reputably. · audience buys the home to specialization rate is high, audience of course of study of its technical secondary school is occupied 92% ; Prevent project business, representative in order to install / agency, system is compositive business, purchase / jobber and installation construction unit give priority to body, occupy about 74% ; Other it is supermarket of hotel of irrigation works of negotiable securities of house of place of designing institute, program designing institute, scientific research courtyard, cultural relic, museum, archives, exhibition, artistic house, cinema, stadium house, bank, postal telecommunication, electric power, guesthouse, public place of entertainment, bazaar, important to come from a building storehouse, hospital, , hold to all previous exhibit the tradition of the meeting, in order to extend the market, establish a brand to be core, further spread is large-scale, increase class, increase conduct propaganda, strengthen an audience to organize. · will collect the name outside concentration at the appointed time each are look forward to, big outstanding international and ethical brand, reveal newest how to defend product and forward position technology, for global the market promotion that how defends an enterprise to offer high administrative levels, brand is made, the technical communication, nots allow to miss advantage that contacts face-to-face with project business truly exhibits platform. · develops “ science and technology to drive Jiangsu to visit office of various public security strong alarm, monitoring of restful city, society calls the police the rapid development of network construction ” , deepen “ to prevent control systematic construction, make fortify province, build ” of firm restful basis to rise active promote and urge action. Carry out stoutly fulfil province put together to treat appoint of set new round of restful Jiangsu builds struggling target, ceaseless and perfect security of society is prevented control systematic construction. The propagandist promotion · that has force extremely carries ad on media of authoritative inside course of study magazine, professional website, public, release news, form alignment of two big conduct propaganda; · is passed sponsor, assist do unit dispatch to invite each district ability to prevent do leader and project business to come round to look around negotiate; · sends 100 thousand pieces of visiting entrance ticket to distribute to unit of user of business of branch of concerned function of system of countrywide public security, government, global project, agency, key through clip of professional media magazine; · invitations card through sending an electron, mail invitation letter, visiting invitation, entrance ticket, invite the personage inside course of study extensively; · chooses to attend home to have force relatively with type major exhibition undertakes conduct propaganda. Join exhibit limits to monitor monitoring is on guard system, safe guard against theft calls the police system, public broadcasting system, passageway control system, Lou Yu is opposite tell system, Lou Yu to accuse technology, biology identifying oneself technology of system, criminal and equipment, make the card, technology that prevent bogus and equipment, fire control. Ginseng exhibit requirement · ginseng to exhibit item on display to ask to have certain technology level, and it is a course legal detect the product of new and high technology that the high grade product that orgnaization test carries develops newly perhaps. · always country and public proclamation of door of the Ministry of Public Security prohibit production, sale, used material, both neither can be joined exhibit, more cannot privately belt enters sale in domestic market makes work. · basis the country is industrial and commercial of the bureau " be on sale can run way " thirteenth regulation (be issued to lower levels bright show) , all ginseng exhibit an enterprise to must offer business charter photocopy, forbidden and illegal operator is joined exhibit. · " thirteenth hold an unit to be in charge of commodity be on sale the in-house organization of the meeting supervises the work, exhibit a qualification to joining the ginseng that exhibits operator, according to this method the 7th regulation undertakes checkup, will examine a circumstance to report this commodity is on sale the registering mechanism of the meeting puts on record. " ginseng exhibit expense: 1. Exhibit charge
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