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(2008 Beijing) thirteenth international building, building materials and urban c
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Time: In March 2008 26—29 day
Place: Beijing exhibition
Advisory phone: 010-68311372
Sponsor an unit: People's Republic of China builds a department

Undertake unit: China builds culture center

C&US, china 2008 exhibition is exclusive the international that sponsors by construction ministry builds trade fair
The function that builds a department builds a career for general management whole nation, include construction of project, city, bourg construction, bldg. , real estate, municipal public utility.
C&US, china is exhibited is the above work limits around construction ministry, propagandist communication builds the job to accomplish, transmission builds science and technology and product information, draw lessons from abroad advanced technique experience, introduce advanced establishment and material, promote domestic and international collaboration and communication, the large building materials that drive bldg. to develop and holds is professional international shows an activity, it is the administrative levels inside construction department system highest, dimensions the biggest, influence the grand meeting that the most far-reaching, delegate builds an industry to develop way.
Current mass rally shows the emphasis, the way that construction of city of delibrate our country develops, seek power banking of international, home to invest course of study, real estate to develop the well-known company such as supplier of course of study, product to gather together, drive a city to build the cooperation of industrial catenary.

Support and assist run an unit
Beijing program committee
Beijing establishs industry group finite liability company
Group of Beijing city building is narrow liability company
China builds project head office
China builds metallic structure society
Industrialization of construction ministry residence promotes a center

" the city builds classic case " year harvest is revealed
Ginseng exhibit limits and expense
• product is supplied exhibit an area
• hutch defends equipment and hardware fittings
Of all kinds clean is provided, swim product of pool, sauna, recreational series and fittings, product of integral bathroom, solar energy.
The kitchen furniture such as integral kitchen, ambry reachs things of form a complete set.
Material of • interior decoration
Material of coating of material of of all kinds and new-style building materials, green building materials, various metope, adornment, building, wall paper, waterproof, fire prevention, the ceiling,
Things of floor of material of adornment plank, of all kinds ground, granite, marble, wood, compound floor, stair, cloth art, curtain, furniture.
• periphery guards data of wall body, roofing
The building is material of all sorts of energy-saving product, new-style wall body, metope, adiabatic insulation material, glass reinforced plastics and composite material, metal and metalloid material and goods, cement products and outside mix into agent.
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