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Highway of the 2nd thalassic area built machinery and technical exhibition 2009
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One, show time: In April 2009 (two years)
2, show a location: Qatar breaths out Qatar more
3, content of item on display:
Material of outfit of Bu of ● road surface, bitumen, cement, can circulate material, road surface bears reaching cable of rolled steel of roadbed system material, underground and drain off water is all, highway construction of bridge of construction machinery, road uses a project construction of machinery, highway is special construction of bridge of carriage car, road is used;
● international foundation builds project contractor;
4, extend meeting scope (previous term or session: 2007) : Area: 5, 000 meters? ;
Ginseng postpone business: 101 (come from a world 15 many countries, the ginseng that has near 90% postpones business very satisfactory ginseng exhibits the effect)
The person that look around: 4, 000 people (exhibit can open to professional commerce audience only)
5, exhibition brief introduction:
RoadTech is middle east bay the area is the largest the most professional highway (the bridge) construction equipment and technical exhibition, had 2007 come from world each district 100 firms of 15 countries join, obtained very successful result, roadTech is exhibited can build machinery and technical supplier to provide market of project of a development middle east for world road superexcellent opportunity.
RoadTech biennially with a ha is held more in Qatar capital, complete radiate reached middle east area each countries, the government of each countries takes middle east seriously very much the construction of road network, and middle east- - the oil center of this world, country and people are very rich, so each national capital has enough capital actual strength to develop the infrastructure of highway. Only Qatar one country, the government sector is in the infrastructure that 3.72 billion beautiful circle will throw to undertake highway before the bottom 2009, country of other middle east also has a good deal of budget to undertake the foundation is built, so of RoadTech is the enterprise reveals him product to face middle east to purchase business directly, recommend project service, carry on the optimal platform of international project project.
RoadTech is exhibited sponsor the exclusive delegate place that just is in its China to be set in me to manage, full-fledged member sponsors the state-owend enterprise in accepting to course of study seeks advice and be joined exhibit sign up. Exhibit finite, ask as soon as possible to sign up.
The company business incoming telegram that the welcome can be interested in afore-mentioned exhibiting seeks advice, my company is expecting to offer efficient and high grade international to be able to extend a service for you.
7, contact: Hu Yanan
Address: Area of Beijing rising sun is vast canal door Wai Street actors or actress 8 numbers person cabinet B 209 rooms
Postcode: 100022
Phone: 13651132520 010-58614271
Fax: 010-58614251
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