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2008 Spain (Madrid) how is international prevented, fire control exhibition
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Show time: 2008-2-26 comes 2008-2-29
Sponsor an unit: IFEMA, feria De Madrid
Can exhibit an address: Revive road 83 east 11 buildings 3918-501 mailbox
Exhibit a place: Spanish Madrid
What belong to an industry: Safe, defend
Postpone meeting brief introduction: How Spanish Madrid international prevents exhibition is those who obtain UFI attestation what how prevent a trade is professional exhibit meeting. The first is held 1980. Should be being exhibited is the international safety with the biggest Spain is on guard professional exhibition. Held 15 successfully.
The ginseng this 2006 exhibits an enterprise to come from wait for 18 countries at Australia, Belgian, Cyprus, Denmark, France, Germany, England, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Luxembourg, Monaco, Holand, Pakistan, Portuguese, Spain, Sweden, Venezuela.
Ginseng extend range
Guard against theft kind product: Equipment of insurance of control of closed-circuit television, monitor, knack, household, photograph mix like equipment, warning decice device of guard against theft of system, electron, door uses control equipment; Guard against theft kind hardware: Security personnel hardware, of all kinds lock up kind of product, safe, kit, door to use hardware, tool of electronic lock, installation, doorbell; Website sth resembling a net is safe: The product such as protection of administration of safety of communication control, computer, IT; Product of wireless, communication: Batteries of security personnel product and power plant, wireless call the police equipment, detector, sensor, supersonic implement, system of wireless communication apparatus, phone, radio cassette player, sound charges unit; Defend product: Temperature warning decice, car measures safe check to measure the court outdoor to protect bar, cable of ladder, appearance and measurement unit, wire everything; Domestic automation product: Automation of of all kinds building assembles product of buy, safe facilities; Fire control product: The product such as control of fire extinguisher, fire alarm, fire

Contact a method: Beijing Kang Lucheng international can exhibit a ministry
Contact: Young lady of benefit of dragon young lady
Phone: 010-51768044
Email: Canluso2(at)gmail.com
Contact an address: Beijing revives road 83 east 11 buildings 3918-501 mailbox

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