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The 3rd China (Shanghai) exhibition of ultimate exercise things
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Time: On July 23, 2008 - 25 days of places: Shanghai smooth congress exhibits a center

Sponsor an unit: Motion of China International limit uses moral trade association
Hong Kong is surpassed power international exhibition engineers limited company
Assist run an unit: Culture of Hong Kong international and classics trade communicate a center
Chinese pole restricted transport uses association
Asia-Pacific annulus slippery association
Undertake unit: Hong Kong is surpassed power international exhibition engineers limited company
Shanghai is surpassed power the exhibition serves limited company
Join the argument that extend:
The 3rd China (Shanghai) exhibition of ultimate exercise things is things of exercise of exclusive and professional limit exhibits China since 2006 since holding the first, the person that had attracted more and more visitting comes round to search business chance. Show according to relevant number, china will make the world before 2020 one of states of the 3rd big campaign, athletic trade demand will be in in coming 10 years with annual of 8.5% add degree of progress. Use the development with further trade as ultimate carry meanwhile, popularize and like the grow in quantity of the move, perfect ceaselessly, people is right the pursuit of the lifestyle of healthy, natural, individuation is increasingly rising, ultimate motion work up makes one of way of main body of motion, recreational, more and more young groups like ultimate recreation, this promotes the flying development of market of sports of outdoors motion, things, limit necessarily. All-time good luck, good platform, expecting your participation. Current exhibition aims to help global ginseng exhibit an enterprise to popularize new product, new technology, know new client, strengthen with the user the communication between person of the same trade and distributors, hold the market to develop newest trends, consolidate and patulous market. Invite sincerely produce manufacturer domestic and internationally each, agential ginseng is exhibited.
Reviewing of previous term or session: Carry of limit of the 2nd China International employs “ taste exhibition ” already on March 19, 2007 - 21 days export a trade fair to exhibit a house to be held successfully in China, by a definite date 3 days exhibit meeting, 176 enterprises ginseng is exhibited, cover country 20 provinces city and abroad 8 countries and area, exhibition area amounts to 8000 square metre, attracted 13695 professional personages to arrive in all visit, among them abroad audience 2605. 4 communicate a seminar, the country such as England, United States, Korea, Japan all has look around bulkily purchase a group to attend a meeting look around purchase. Exhibit each data of the meeting beyond our expect, such success is attributed to an organizing committee to accumulate formation brand for years famous spend and consequence, depend on sponsorring just specialization systematic operation and the year after year that serve a concept rise, more global ginseng exhibits profit from to the enterprise is agreed with with what major buys the home and support. As a result of number of the person that look around numerous, anteroom of the person that looking around even occupies the person look around in chatting ardently completely and ginseng to postpone business.
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