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The army and the people of the 3rd China International is amphibious technical e
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Ginseng extend date: 2008-06-25 ~ 2008-06-29
Periodic: 1 year
Establish date: 2007-1-1
Ginseng exhibit the ground (the) that exhibit a house: Beijing · China International exhibits a center
Exhibit house address: North of area of Beijing rising sun 3 annulus east road 6
Sponsor an unit: Chinese radar guild------Chinese Beijing aerospace learns
Undertake unit: Beijing look forward to sends an exhibition to serve limited company
Support media: Net of Chinese war industry, chinese microwave net. Chinese batteries net

Civil high-tech enterprise is the new force that national economy builds, also be the reserve that national defence builds. Be dug adequately and use civil already some resource and technical actor mat, induct civil high-tech enterprise to serve at national defence modernization, build union of “ the army and the people, contain army at civilian, the system of ” of civilian ability for military use and mechanism, it is the inevitable option that pushs Chinese characteristic new war to change.
About national defence to carry out the Party Central Committee construction and economic construction coordinate the policy of development, fulfil a country to build union of “ the army and the people, contain army about be below new historical requirement at civilian the spirit of the new system of industry of national defence science and technology of ” , civil science and technology enterprise had the vast space that shares national defence construction, technology of foundation of for military use also has application at civil vaster domain. But we are clear also realise civil science and technology enterprise especially civilian battalion science and technology enterprise is participated in army taste the task to still be put in many obstacles, reflect the respect waits in market admittance, investment, credit, taxation. To produce the effect of civil high-tech resource adequately in national defence construction, encourage and support includes civilian battalion company inside civil and preeminent company is participated in army taste scientific research production, accelerate the development of national defence science and technology and weaponry, learn to be sponsorred jointly by aerospace of Meteorological Society of Chinese radar guild, China, Beijing; The “2008 that limited company of service of exhibition of hair of Beijing look forward to undertakes ” of exhibition of amphibious technology of the army and the people of the 3rd China International, will on June 25, 2008 - central ” will be exhibited to be held ceremoniously in China International of “ Beijing · on June 29, run a department in relevant government and travel owner support energetically below, predict current exhibit meeting general to have come from ten countries and area ginseng to exhibit, exhibit meeting general to reveal domestic and international the product of new and high science and technology of civil technology domain mixes large quantities of one for military use scientific research achievement, the delegate is current the advanced level of this domain and mainstream direction, the advantage resource that uses industrial business and property of national defence war industry to accelerate our country civilian gets the union of the oldest rate and development, make due contribution for modernization of our country national defence and economic progress.
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