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Society of international of the 7th 2008 Heibei is communal and safe product exp
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Time: —5 day ground nodded on March 3, 2008: Shijiazhuang international reads extensively center (east the ave visits museum 3 numbers on)

Support an unit: Science and technology of Public Security Department of province of Heibei of division of science and technology of Heibei province Public Security Department is powerful alarm leader group office

Technology of security of Heibei province Public Security Department is on guard manage office   to sponsor an unit: Heibei saves safe technology to be on guard learn Shijiazhuang city safe technology to be on guard guild   assist run an unit: Heibei saves ability of 11 ground city to prevent do   to undertake unit: Shijiazhuang presses down outstanding exhibition to serve support of media of   of limited company: " China is communal and safe " " be filled with change safe equipment world " " how does · of advertisement of Hui Cong market conditions prevent technical market " " how to prevent market conditions " " how is intelligence prevented " " discover how resource · is prevented " " Chinese public security signs up for "

How does China prevent a net Chinese communal safety net is filled with move net of Hui Cong of HC360 of international information network to prevent industry China how to prevent safety of product network China to be on guard industry net

Heibei installed rich to be able to gain all-time success 2007, come from 360 domestic and international how to prevented an enterprise to attend this to exhibit meeting, greatly the development that promoted Heibei area and even China north area how to prevent a trade, got the height that saves Public Security Department and leaders of all levels admires, and got numerous ginseng exhibits the affirmation of manufacturer, express to hope to be able to become Heibei to bring the member unit that rich meets in succession, here, the support that ginseng of everybody of acknowledgment of leaders of all levels exhibits business to be met to Heibei An Bo and deep love.

An Bo of the 7th 2008 Heibei can be in those who save leaders of all levels of Public Security Department to support energetically below, began intense preparatory work again, current exhibit meeting general to set exhibit 600, cent is on, area of below two houses, first floor exhibits an area for brand company image, 2 buildings are common exhibit an area, current exhibit can return will revealing limits to go up to be broken through somewhat, special establish “ how to prevent project trade figure to exhibit area ” and “ outstanding how to prevent project business to choose mobile area ” , the purpose depends on will revealing China north area how to prevent achievement, still can promote how to prevent the cooperative communication between enterprise of production, distribute and project business, make offer, need both sides to achieve double win. Press down outstanding company to also will hold to “ to be in order to serve essential, it is the soul, trust in order to innovate praise seek development ” concept, with broad how to prevent company joint efforts, create happiness hand in hand tomorrow! One, program arrangement and place:
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