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Construction of network of information of 2008 China International reachs lash-u
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The corresponding period holds: Break out communal incident and seminar of lash-up safeguard technology
Time: On March 13, 2008 - 15 days of places: Exhibition of agriculture of Beijing whole nation
Sponsor / support: Management board of public security of the Ministry of Public Security of People's Republic of China
The Ministry of Public Security of People's Republic of China believes a center of lash-up of network of bureau country computer
Capital security of society administers council office integratedly
Safety of the Ministry of Public Security and alarm detect with electronic product quality bureau of fire control of central Beijing public security bureau
Safety of Beijing of Beijing communication management board is on guard guild
Undertake unit: 4 stars of Beijing exhibit referral center of information of Beijing of brilliance of the look forward to in serving limited company
Construction of network of information of 2008 China International and lash-up communication exhibition will on March 13, 2008 —15 day is in Beijing countrywide agriculture exhibition opens. At the appointed time, will the well-known company that comes from world nation and area reveals them to be in the advanced product of the respect such as service of lash-up of direct of communication of construction of safety of website sth resembling a net, lash-up, lash-up, society and technical equipment, the numerous delegate of orgnaization of production of the scholar of the governmental official that will invite at the same time or draws a lot of countries and district, expert, concerned personage that is engaged in safe lash-up management and lash-up construction, research and development that pursues safe information network and communication technology, product or enterprise, and the numerous people that cares management of communal and safe lash-up and network construction comes round to look around, communication, commerce and collaboration. This cosmopolitan grand meeting, be sure of system of management of information of mechanism of lash-up of communal to the bolt of China and even world incident build the influence with far-reaching generation.
Enter 21 centuries, worldwide inside appeared a series of major crises, be like “9•11” incident, SARS popularity of eruptive, avian flu and seismic sea wave of earthquake of the indian ocean. More and more people realise, strengthen major crisis to answer the job imperative. Be in our country, be in the tall hair that breaks out communal incident period, safety of incident of sanitation of natural disaster, safe accident, medical treatment, society, the proportion that weighs big event among them is quite high, the social effect that cause is very big, because how this manages effectively,break out communal incident to carry the order of the day stage by stage. After SARS, the Party Central Committee, the State Council put forward to accelerate the major task that breaks out construction of mechanism of communal incident lash-up. Current, build early-warning of a collect, appear in the newspaper, auxiliary and direct, help, decision-making the system of information of lash-up general management at an organic whole, it is a when various government is faced with very pressing issue.
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