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Frankfurt middle east (enlighten do obeisance to) international steam rub fittin
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Extend meeting time on June 1, 2008- - 3 days
Exhibit international of chief of a tribe of couplet of meeting site A to exhibit a center (enlighten center of the trade that do obeisance to a world)
Hold cycle annual
Ginseng extend range
Car, autocycle, steam rub inside system of tire of product of equipment of fittings component and component, vehicle repair, maintenance, wheel, sound box and equipment, car
System of refrigeration of power source of equipment of product of industry of treatment of recreational system, car, gas station, batteries, air conditioning, steam rub system of machine of adornment product, electron, engine, all sorts of
Tool, coating, safe system
Postpone meeting brief introduction
Frankfurt middle east (enlighten do obeisance to) international steam rub fittings exposition (Automechanika Gulf) it is department of exhibition of Frankfurt of Germany of world-renowned exhibition tycoon
Itinerate of AUTO MECHANIKA whole world is exhibited one of.

Middle east of the 4th Frankfurt (enlighten do obeisance to) exposition of international car a replacement in May 2007 27 - central 1-5 date is exhibited 29 days to exhibit a house to be held ceremoniously in international of A couplet chief of a tribe, ginseng of many 800 when drew 37 countries and district in all well-known company is exhibited, they basically come from the country such as Germany, Italy, Spain, Australia, Tunisia, China, Turkey, Taiwan. Occupy statistic additionally, share 10754 major to bought the home to look around this second exhibit meeting, exhibit than previous term or session can add completely 30% . %
Specific distributinging area is like right graph:
Market background
1, the car of average per capita of middle east area is had leading is world rank is highest, and almost all cars and fittings rely on an entrance. 2, enlighten do obeisance to, geographical buy
Advantageous, the commodity with middle east the largest area is distributing center center and traffic hub, radiation population of 1.5 billion. 3, thalassic country has the whole world the oil reserve of 45 % above, the income of extremely low fuel cost, Gao Shuiping and annual the population of 6% increases rate, it is the main reason that high speed of demand of a replacement of car of middle east area grows. 4, thalassic area is annual the consumptive market of car a replacement is as high as 12.6 billion U.S. dollor, car a replacement all the time since be enlighten do obeisance to one of 10 kinds of the biggest transit commodity, and transit is measured with annual the speed of 20% maintains growth. 5, A couplet chief of a tribe is annual the average growth quantity of the car maintains in 9.4% , the steam of thalassic area repairs workshop amount to had exceeded 22000. Thalassic country reached the investment that builds an aspect 2 years to had exceeded 2.2 billion U.S. dollor in equipment of car gas station in the past.
Exhibit meeting conduct propaganda
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