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About holding " commodity of the 4th China (Chile) exhibition " announcement
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[Look forward to of trade of the classics outside 2008] assist word the 18th

Each member company reachs concerned unit:

National chairman Hu Jintao was saved in Hainan on April 13, 2008 3 inferior city holds a talk with Chile president Baqielaite. Two countries dynast agrees consistently, adopt measure further, strengthen collaboration, in wisdom comprehensive partner concern is pushed to higher level.

Subsequently, wei Lun of 10 thousand carat represents deputy minister of foreign affairs of Chen Deming of minister of Department of Commerce and Chile respectively two countries government was signed " the complement of government of People's Republic of China and agreement of free trade of Chile republic government about serving commerce agreement " , this indicates collaboration of wisdom classics trade greeted rare development opportunity in the move, revealed wide development perspective.

Be in be being driven further wisdom the development of bilateral trade, enlarge our country name to actor or actress commodity reachs the exit of South-American country to Chile, promote commission approval via China International commerce, I can draft on November 27, 2008 - 30 days of Ma Bo bridges that continue to be in Chile capital Santiago exhibit a center to hold “ commodity of the 4th China (Chile) exhibition ” .

Exhibition got: The chamber of commerce in Chile wisdom (CHICIT) , Chile Asia-Pacific chamber of commerce (Cámara De Comercio Asia Pacífico) , Chile imports and exports trade association (ASEXMA Chile) , association of agriculture of Chile whole nation (industry of whole nation of SNA) , Chile is promoted can (SOFOFA) , association of industry of Chile metallurgical industry (ASIMET) , Chile builds chamber of commerce (CCHC) , .

Development capital of international market of national medium and small businesses mixes first support aid financially an enterprise to extend an activity in the commerce of Chile (the detail sees Www.smeimdf.org) .

Welcome each member company to reach concerned unit to sign up actively ginseng exhibit.

Contact: Zhang Jia, Zhang Feng, Zhang Biao

Phone: 010-58612041 58612617

Fax: 010-58612481 58612615

The email: Server@china-commerce.com.cn

Network address: Www.china-commerce.com.cn

Inform hereby
Exhibition circumstance brief introduction
One, exhibition general situation

1, exhibit meeting name: Commodity of the 4th China (Chile) exhibition

2, exhibition period: In November 2008 25-30 day

Cloth exhibits time: November 2008 25-26 day

Exhibit meeting time: November 2008 27 - 30 days

Remove exhibit time: On November 30, 2008

3, exhibit meeting site: Bridge of wave of Santiago city horse exhibits a center

4, limits of item on display:
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