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About cogent had done today the announcement that wintry Ming Chunjian sets syst
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Build do qualitative [2007]63 date

Each province, municipality builds hall, beijing is built appoint, municipal canal appoint, gardens afforest bureau, water Wu bureau, traffic appoint, shanghai builds liaison man appoint, water Wu bureau, tianjin city is built appoint, the appearance of a city appoint, chongqing city is built appoint, municipal canal appoint, traffic appoint, shandong, Jiangsu saves the bureau that build a canal, hainan saves water Wu bureau, xinjiang production builds corps construction bureau, the concerned company that runs in the center of:

Winter comes, the adverse weather condition such as strong cold air happens from time to tome, for cogent had done today wintry Ming Chun builds systematic safe production, take precautions against natural calamities to reduce calamity and lash-up management job during new year's day, Spring Festival especially, inform concerned item as follows now:

One, strengthen constituent leader, fulfil each safe responsibility. Each district construction is in charge of a branch to want to take winter the root of fangfeng seriously to defend snow work highly, strengthen the communication with atmosphere branch, pay close attention to weather variation circumstance closely, implement construction system in the round measure of each take precautions against natural calamities. Should be strengthened further and improve safety administration job, fulfil construction to be in charge of supervisory responsibility of the branch seriously, cheng of strong chemical industry builds each ginseng to build principal part especially the main body responsibility of owner and total contractor, exert oneself increases the safe production consciousness of personnel of a gleam of and capacity.

2, strengthen winter to build construction safety to superintend. Each district should be united in wedlock actual, supervise and urge construction unit basis winter construction characteristic, constituent work out has the winter the programme of construction of specific aim, adopt effective heat preservation, prevent frostbite, defend slippery measure, reasonable arrangement time limit for a project, encounter have soup, answer to suspend the operation outdoor instantly. Strengthen pair of report gas welding to receive wait for get angry exercise to manage, heat preservation of forbidden project winter uses bright internal heat, rigorous management explodes of all kinds and combustibly, easily article, equipment of fire control of reasonable and effective configuration, take strict precautions against accident of hair unripe fire, explosion.

3, operation of safeguard city public traffic is safe. Strengthen pair of city public traffic (include cab) the superintendency of servive routine of the safety administration of the enterprise, safe operation. Supervise and urge the characteristic that the enterprise is aimed at wintry spring operation, strengthen pair of a gleam of to staff member and the safe production of concerned administrator arouse and publicize education, establish the thought of ” of “ safety first, accomplish “ safe travel, civilization drives ” , car drives with exhaustion after forbidden wine. Perfect daily and safe censorship, strengthen the safe go on a tour of inspection of pair of stations, car, equipment, eliminate accident hidden danger in time. Strengthen operation of safety of urban orbit transportation to serve safeguard, do good safety to defend systematic fire alarm, automatic put out a fire, annulus accuses the illume of ventilated, lash-up, monitoring that install check, safety seriously scattered the maintenance that waits for establishment and maintain, ensure its are in good condition and effective. Strengthen distributing center to the passenger flow such as station of public transportation field dot to explode combustibly, easily wait for what danger tastes to investigate a work, ensure passenger transport is safe.
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