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System of safety responsibility of Tianjin city fire control sets
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The first brings full responsibility to fulfil fire control, prevent fire accident, basis " fire service law of People's Republic of China " and " byelaw of Tianjin city fire control " wait for concerned law, code to set, combine this city actual condition, make this provision.
The mechanism inside area of the 2nd this city administration, organization, enterprise, institution and other organization (unit of the following abbreviation) , ought to mix according to law of fire service law, code this regulation, fulfill fire control to bring full responsibility, the fire control that has made this unit works.
What this the 3rd regulation calls fire control system of safety responsibility is to point to through executing joint meeting, chase class to supervise and urge, examination circumstance is informed, the system such as assessment of assessment of responsibility of target of fire control job, award and punishment, supervise and urge the system that the unit fulfills fire control to bring full responsibility.
Mechanism of public security of the 4th city and area, county is in the leader leaves this class people government, be in charge of carrying out the supervisory management of fire control system of safety responsibility, specific work is in charge of by orgnaization of this fire control of mechanism of class public security.
The government is other concerned branch ought to according to legal duty, had done the work related to fire control safety.
Government of people of the 5th city and area, county ought to hold fire control regularly working joint meeting, analyse current situation of fire control security, coordinate the major problem in solving fire control to work, deploy fire control works.
Of item of joint meeting decision fulfil a circumstance, concerned member unit ought to report to joint meeting.
The legal representative of the 6th unit is main perhaps the person of responsibility of fire control safety that chief is an unit, secure to the fire control of this unit job is comprehensive and responsible. The unit ought to make clear post fire control to bring full responsibility lawfully, define the person of responsibility of fire control safety of each post.
The 7th combustible explode easily the production of dangerous article, fill outfit, store, supply, sale unit and public collect a place to wait for unit of emphasis of fire control safety to ought to fulfil obligation of safety of following fire control:
(one) make and perfect fire rush to save life and property and lash-up are scattered beforehand case, and at least every half an year undertakes drilling;
(2) undertake to this unit staff member fire control safety grooms every year at least. Collect spatial staff member to the public at least every half an year grooms;
(3) fulfil strictly run a system about what employ bright internal heat, the public collects a place to prohibit employing bright fire construction during do business;
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