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The state committee of planning can be given out clear the announcement that rec
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What use to promote IC to block promotion is orderly undertake, check collect fees blind hairpin, high, collect fees in disorder problem, reduce a society each respect burden, state committee of planning jointly with national classics trade appoint, wind of correct of the Ministry of finance, censorial ministry, the State Council does, the branch such as harmonious leader group allotted project of national Jin Ka recently " rectify integrated circuit to get stuck about clearing (IC gets stuck) collect fees the announcement that waits for concerned problem " . " announcement " specific provision:

National executive authority and its place belong to an institution to promotion uses IC to get stuck and collect fees, reach provincial above price, finance to be in charge of a branch to approve without government of people of province, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government, uniform stop to collect fees instantly, should stop ceaseless, will regard chaos as to collect fees investigate lawfully by price officer branch. Provincial government and its price, finance is in charge of what sectional approval collects fees to also want to clear, collect fees to blank of executive authority prep above gets stuck and issueing cost of production, want to undertake corrective; Extend to be in card is illuminated carry out equivalent IC card to repeat at the same time collect fees, should give cancel. The national executive authority that retains via approval and card of its institution IC collect fees, should add strictly according to blank check cost issue rate of cost check and ratify; Other each investment (include construction and overhead expenses to wait) must not solve through collecting fees.

The public utility such as traffic of public transportation, railroad, water supply, power supply, highway, telecommunication (prices forum) the expenditure such as card of the card of public transportation ticket that unit promotion uses, train ticket card, tap water card, civil report card, card burning gas, too transient bridge, public phone card, all should pass this industry to be compensated to the service price of the user, must not get stuck with popularizing use IC for to the user separately collection IC blocks cost. Every collects fees separately should stop to collect fees instantly, regard chaos as to collect fees otherwise investigate. The other company unit such as the bank popularizes use IC to get stuck, in principle also does not collect fees separately, what need expenditure plan to enter management cost.

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