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Kunming: Warning apparatus of noise legislation car must not be set long noisy
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Take an examination of in, during the university entrance exam 18 when to morrow 8 when, prohibit be in area of scientific research of culture and education, dweller is uptown the building construction that undertakes producing noise works. Take an examination of in, during the university entrance exam, check a place all round inside 500 meters of limits, prohibit all building construction that produce environmental noise pollution work. In assuring with the form of the law, take an examination of, during the university entrance exam, to examinee review halcyonly, rest environment.

If have,disobey afore-mentioned stipulator, instruct deadline to rectify and reform by environmental protection branch, be in with 10 thousand yuan of above 30 thousand yuan fine below.

Cry the horn must not exceed half second

Investigation: Way of a paragraph of 500 meters long close Hua Pu, go rough to calculate, average every 3 seconds can be heard cry bray.

People on the west on the road, 50 meters of one wife and children outside sells the bright town boarding house that building ministry proprietress in arrange business.

Is “ architectural construction very noisy? ”

“ ? What do you say? ”

Small shop to the street, the vehicle reputation that the talk always is gallopped and passes is interrupted. Proprietress laugh, the most irritated still is Klaxon sound, make a noise very.

Sit in a lot of citizens that greenbelt enjoys the cool, should be informed should ban inside 2 annulus cry the message of the horn raise one's hand is held with, magnify father is looking forward to, where day does not have these harsh bray on the street, sitting in shady and cool place is the business that enjoys more.

Unscramble: Will rise on July 1 from this year, wait for the special purpose vehicle when the task except guard of rush to deal with an emergency of executive fire control, relieve a sick or injured person, project, public security, advocate the city zone the area of less than of 2 annulus road, prohibit motor vehicle cries horn. If encounter emergency when, cry the time of the horn must not exceed 0.5 seconds, cry continuously the horn must not exceed 3 times, forbidden long cry horn. Installation guard against theft calls the police the motor vehicle of equipment, warning apparatus does not get a setting to resound for long, interference others lives normally.

To disobeying afore-mentioned stipulator, by warning of door of the Ministry of Public Security; Do not correct after the warning, place fine 500 yuan below with 200 yuan of above.

Environmental protection legislation lets your your opinion

Learn yesterday, " prevention and cure of pollution of exhaust of Kunming city motor vehicle monitors regulation " , " fuel of Kunming city tall pollution bans measure of government burning an area " , " Kunming city dangerous trash pollutes measure of government of prevention and cure " already included Kunming municipal government plan of survey of 2007 year legislation, predict to implemented legislation 2008. Code of bureau of city environmental protection is in chief to express, welcome broad citizen to offer opinion and proposal.
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