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Colliery safety transforms a project to run temporary measure
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Hair change the sources of energy [2007]2256 date

Each concern a province (area, city) , large unit of Xinjiang production construction develops innovation appoint (classics trade appoint) , safety of coal industry management department, provincial colliery is censorial orgnaization, management board of colliery of judiciary directly under, coal company runs in the center of:

Transform the management of the project to enhance colliery security, in rising, center budgetary invests use benefit, stimulative colliery safe production, basis " the decision that the State Council reforms about investing system " (the country sends 2004 〕 of 〔 20) and " allowance of central budgetary investment and project of pay interest in the form of a deduction when selling a bill of exchange run temporary measure " (the country develops innovation appoint make the 31st) wait for concerned regulation, we were made " colliery safety transforms a project to run temporary measure " , show print and distribute you, please according to carry out.

Inform hereby.

Accessory: " colliery safety transforms a project to run temporary measure "

The country develops innovation appoint

National security superintends total bureau

National coal mine installs inspect bureau

Two years on September 6

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