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Wuhan publishs electronic eye to handle new measure
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[dispatch of net of the Yangtse River] sign up for according to Chu Tianjin (Shi Wenjun of reporter Li Changjian's reporter, Wang Xiaoyan) report: Wuhan city hands in tubal branch to publish a regulation yesterday, since this year, undertake with illegal car to the driver's license “ binds ” pattern processing. This is meant, if eliminate the violate the rules and regulations on the driver's license to buckle cent only, and not pay amerce, will cause car cannot “ solution locks up ” and cannot attend year of careful and move formalities.

The department that make a valve says, previously, many people are about to buckle in 12 minutes when, try every means, use be about to the driver's license of invalidation, or the driver's license of divert other eliminates violate the rules and regulations to buckle cent. Publish this one idea, will stem effectively ” of flaw of this one “ .

Wuhan city hands in tubal bureau to concern chief introduction, henceforth, once be filmed by ” of “ electron eye,violate act, when the driver holds a driver's license to violate processing window to accept processing to the group, its violate information to be typed after the computer, the system still is met will drive along with all the others person and lock of illegal car “ decide ” , the information that till its bank pay fines delivers the branch that make a valve to succeed to Zhang. If need to be in those who remove record of violate the rules and regulations that day, check of conduction car careful perhaps changes procedures, need to show evidence of bank pay money when deal with.

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