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Absolutely guard against theft -- space game protects light closely to uncover s
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Handle the action of ” of “ pilfer date, most propbably all player attitudes are same, be detest. To can ensure safety of player Zhang size, be at ease game, smooth Yu Huaxia rolled out 4 kinds of functions that maintain closely in succession, will help number of player guard against theft, prevent a trojan, player good intention sums up the characteristic that gave all sorts of methods, the Zhang number that helps everybody choose to suit his protects way.

1, the phone is protected closely
Applicable crowd: Have the domestic user player of solid word, mobile phone user, small well-informed user.
The phone protects an individual closely to consider as at present the most convenient and best those who use is close protect, apply to sit machine, mobile phone, small well-informed. The key is completely free still, usage is very simple also, unplug call bind after deciding, go up every time before game, unplug again call solution is bound, after solution is bound game can be landed inside 3 minutes. Unless their phone you also a pilfer goes, the game Zhang number that just can open you (difficulty is quite tall ah) .

2, the short message is protected closely
... after clicking the advertisement above, the move such as the content with more wonderful part of article second half you... , support the development of this station please, continue to be everybody collect arranges knowledge of newest guard against theft! > / Rb< . Portion body has so that show will go out again take, with solid, chan Jian law just is used make it, hold strong firm swim for carrying date Zhang to make fun of you are, all department keeps confidential letter hard big strong can result protect preventing is treasure is moved closely move. Treasure is moved closely move buy Lv to take an examination of with but, lose be afraid of, block a quadrature belt carry love every day not, hand of word electric machinery has do not have   > / Rb< . The home plays 4 fall 3 lose jubilate, machine hand uses lazily: Group the person is used comfortable > / Rb< treasure is moved closely move, 4>/ Rb<>/ Rb< ! Oh little but need not be a network that employ on the net is in constant classics at be opposite the law just is planted this, the card that the gender brings completely keeps secret card is protected, block confidential Zhang Yixin more can month one good most, do exercise is allowed easily very bright say to press, chan Jian very also the law just is used make, the Yu Guang that the value blocking a dot of back having a side fills is in keep secret a quadrature. Keep secret a quadrature with make Lv is taken an examination of with but that, report of bingle of the letter that bind solution, word is hit lazily you person or, machine hand has do not have you to be like   if really > / Rb< . If the home plays, report is hit lazily, the machine hand that the home plays does not have a net to go up net: Group the person is used comfortable > / Rb< keeps secret a quadrature, 3>/ Rb<>/ Rb< . Walk along pilfer to be afraid of by order account book not, the hand is taking machine hand to want to say only with but, the complete Zhang that bring number is protected protect a pine credulous short one. The letter that bind solution is short a Liu Deng of Zhang of the date before one hair wants second be being bound surely after every is also, be like kind confidential word report and law just use made confidential letter short   > / Rb
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