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Afloat 4 treasure open of big move of guard against theft of account the whole p
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” of “ pilfer date is network game player all the time most one of behavior that abhor. However, develop in network game market swift and violent today, ” of “ pilfer date is not single act any more. In a lot of large MMORPG, appeared even the “ horror such as pilfer number group organizes ” . Current, the net swims the state that the account that the user refers is presented to rise day after day by pilfer case, through investigation and analysis, among them majority user is the account that produces after the illegal program that hangs ” outside using alleged “ by pilfer, because this is OK and preliminary,decide these illegal programs include program of “ trojan ” generally. Official clew is accordingly broad user, do not use illegal software please, avoid an account thereby by pilfer.
" afloat dreamland 4 " fair measure up to now, with its distinctive game glamour attracted the players of tens of thousands of to come in great numbers, the dreamland world of “ afloat ” is all-time also and flourishing! Fictitious treasure prices is worth game is more subsequently ceaseless violent wind rises! “ is devoted into in what everybody is filled with joy while life of afloat ” dream is medium, how many pairs of greedy eyes is covetting again our fictitious belongings? How will be you answered again extend a vicious person manipulating sb or sth from behind the scenes to you?
... after clicking the advertisement above, the move such as the content with more wonderful part of article second half you... , support the development of this station please, continue to be everybody collect arranges knowledge of newest guard against theft! > P/< ! Be good at concordant suffers vivid unripe You Wangkang enjoy, cheng law does not leave foreword far, love of order account book is true. By but machine have child branch law does not let not, watchful alarm carry high constantly can the home hopes to hope greatly, art is cheated with constant some reach knowing the entire network bringing sth resembling a net that tells plinth radical is to fall with. Way way should be weighed of one broadcasting network of subsidiary channels in the human body through which vital energy of the timber that infect a horse is to also stand net law is not some mix QQ often is connected, station network law is not some of one land to ascend otherwise, civilized not send pass you to close to life road receive otherwise. Poison range is full second group is opposite into cerebral report every come less, new more library poisonous disease advances a soft poison advance should need day every and and, soft poison installs the phone that install a head you are please: The home plays each are discussed build not special the network is extensive in, this is   > P<

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