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" divine sob " remind a player to protect number of guard against theft of Zhang
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" divine sob " brand-new data piece ” of “ guild hall is formal a few days ago go up line, numerous and wonderful amused brand-new game content, bring the regression that gets the affiliation of player of many new personality and not little old player, make " divine sob " person energy of life innovates again tall.

However, increase the player amount that increase quickly, also let account safety problem be highlighted in game increasingly. Recently, many players carry a variety of channel to " divine sob " report of Chinese operation group, the account that weighs oneself encountered theft, the prop equipment that goes up personally is swept across one sky. Mix to remind caution everybody, prevent pilfer date circumstance to continue to happen, " divine sob " summary of Chinese operation group and collect a few data about pilfer date, hope to be able to be helped somewhat to everybody!

One, outside the date that hang pilfer

Carry the statistic of this paragraph of time and investigation, discover partial account by the user of pilfer it is to had used tripartite program (program) is hanged outside be like, this is one of most familiar pilfer order pattern. Pilfer date person the congenial psychology that can use a player, outer trojan and hacker program are joined in the program that hang or hangs outside the holiday, the case that registers a program outside open when the player issues input game account and code, the program is hanged to start game outside perhaps be being passed, when inputting game account and password, the account of the user and password by purloin.

Be on guard measure: Most effective method is outside putting an end to, hang, do not hold fluky mentality. Do not go won't having any problems with it, not to have an insatiable desire for temporarily convenient, and regretful!

2, the pilfer date in game

Pretend to be personnel of official customer service, the psychology that uses a player has pilfer number, in one of pilfer order pattern that common occurance also is in game. Pilfer date person a name is established in preexistence game administrator of similar GM(game) part, perhaps have a part that allows a player easily to consider as GM by accident, if “ is magical,” of administrator of game of ”“ of personnel of sob customer service is waited a moment. Send close language to inform its win a prize in a lottery to a large number of players in game next. Let its reply or mail (the means such as phone, QQ, fax) the Zhang sign that shows oneself and password affirm with doing, once the player believed to send account message, namely by pilfer date.

Be on guard measure: GM conducts an activity in game when, if need to make a speech, can use announcement form, announcement color is met and the collectivity of player place hair chats have apparently different, also won't talk about a player closely alone. Any information that concern with win a prize in a lottery, we can go up to be announced to the user with declared form in the homepage only. GM also won't ask you offer game password and relevant enrollment absolutely data. Additional, official in any case won't contact everybody through QQ.
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