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Jotter year end uses technology of Intel guard against theft
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Be divulged by pilfer, data for avoid user identity and even the brought significant pecuniary loss such as computer have things stolen, intel is developing technology of a guard against theft integrated and safe solution. When predicting the four seasons is spent this year, the notebook computer admiral that sells on the market uses technology of this kind of guard against theft.

Congress of 2008 spring IDF concluded in Shanghai yesterday. Intel carries out vice-president to hold Pu Dawei of general manager of mobile facilities department concurrently to announce in session, intel will roll out technology of Intel guard against theft, come the relevant solution with manufacturer of the computer inside aggrandizement and additional course of study and software existing firm. This technology is dedicated restore at asset, management of guard against theft and data protection, will be in apply at notebook computer when the end of the year this year. It is reported, the computer data protection in the past uses software means to undertake mostly, if setting password, data is concealed,wait. Intel has similar research, the means that will use hardware has data guard against theft, this will strengthen existing solution to protect the display of the domain in management of guard against theft and data.
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