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More advanced in science and technology, all Cost-effective today, the retail store to monitor the mall's traditional human security approach is no longer suitable, will be replaced by application of high technology electronics security systems. The phenomenon of retail theft of merchandise is a common problem worldwide, according to foreign relevant statistics show that the loss of an only $ 9.34 of goods, need to do a turnover of $ 849 to recover damages. Loss of goods adds to the burden on businesses, for which only gradually to prevent the loss of domestic business leaders attention. Back in the late 60s, appeared in the first set of U.S. electronic security systems products EAS (Electronic Article Surveilance). Fundamentally changed in the past to monitor the security of all means for customers. Monitoring the implementation of security for goods, to avoid consumer backlash, anti-theft deterrent such as a large number of retailers has been the consensus. Currently, most of the world's largest retail companies use of electronic anti-theft device. EAS system 10 years ago into the Asian countries, Japan, Singapore, South Korea and Hong Kong and Taiwan increased year by year rate of installed capacity. Chinese companies to accept electronic anti-theft system is 90 years later, in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other major cities began commercial development of shopping centers to install EAS system.

Electronic anti-theft system after 40 years of development, from early development of a single principle of a single product a wide variety of different principles to the present situation, to adapt to department stores, supermarkets, shops, libraries and other needs of different types of stores.

1, from the protection to be broken down form, can be divided into vertical systems, covert systems and access systems.

Vertical systems starkly detection device at the mall's entrance, in addition to detection in addition to a significant deterrent.

Concealed system is installed in the system hidden under the carpet or ceiling exports Department, does not affect the overall environment of the store, can also play a role in anti-theft protection, to meet the owner of both beautiful and security needs.

Channel systems is the exit in the supermarket checkout counter with the EAS system fused to form channel-type protection is an effective way to achieve EAS.

2, with its application of ways to distinguish between the detection signal can be divided into radio systems, electromagnetic systems, microwave systems, frequency division system, intelligent system, and acousto-magnetic system.

(1) magnetic system sound

Only in the same tuning fork oscillation frequency resonance circumstances. Sound, and magnetic systems (Acusto Magnetic) is the application of this physical principle, the operation to achieve almost zero false positives, fixed the sound in the goods into the system the magnetic detection system label area, will have resonance, but only in the receiver to receive to four consecutive resonance signal (every 1 / 50 seconds) before the alarm.

Sound, and magnetic characteristics of the system is the intrusion detection rate, almost zero false positives, interference, protect the outlet width of up to 3.5 meters, with hard and soft anti-theft tags on shopping goods can protect the most species , but also repeated degaussing, even in the POS cash register next to the system can still work properly.

Sound system includes vertical magnetic system, channel-type system and hidden systems of different types, more than 10 models to choose from more than can be widely used in department stores, supermarkets, specialty stores, video stores, grocery stores, drug stores, can also be used in office environments.

(2) radio system

Radio System (Radio Frequency, RF) transmitting and receiving using radio waves as the signal detection range of 7.4-8.8MHz frequency electromagnetic wave, the center frequency of 8.2MHz, 8.5MHz by the label in the interference caused to trigger the alarm. Greatest advantage of radio system is a system very low cost, easy installation. But because of its anti-theft tag for the loop coil, so the system vulnerable to the interference of some items, such as cash registers and other electronic products, metal, etc., causing false alarms or non-reporting system.

Radio systems with soft and hard two kinds of tags, can protect the majority of shopping items. The distance between the two bearings are generally not greater than 0.9 m, usually with only one import and export of shopping malls. Radio system has both vertical and channel type, for the protection of department stores, clothing stores, supermarkets and so on.

(3) electromagnetic system

Electromagnetic system (Electromagnetic System) as the detection signal using electromagnetic waves. Electromagnetic system, the smallest label, labels, cheap prices, can repeat the degaussing, but vulnerable to the influence of magnetic or metallic material resulting from false positives. Protection of exit width generally 0.9 meters or so. System will not magnetic materials (such as audio and video tapes, magnetic cards) have an impact. A new generation of channel-type electromagnetic system is software-controlled electronic anti-theft system, using digital processing technology and degaussing systems, cash register monitoring, CCTV monitoring system be linked together. Using fast degaussing board, can repeat the degaussing system costs. Electromagnetic system of vertical and channel two. Multi-application environment in the library, bookstores, music shops, hotels, supermarkets and so on.

(4) Microwave Systems

Microwave Systems (Microwave System) as the detection of microwave signals, less susceptible to interference from the surrounding environment, it can flexibly concealed installation (such as a hidden place in the ceiling or suspended under the carpet), with a suitable decorative and aesthetic advantages of the shop. However, Sheng Ying range, can not be arranged in a certain area of goods, this patch of land for businesses, such as gold, will limit the use of space, so for large department stores and larger stores music stores, boutiques use.

(5), frequency system

Frequency systems (SplitFrequency) is the use of high frequency technology and ultra-low frequency radio wave signal of alarm systems. When anti-theft tags into the testing area, the tag receives a pass over the signal transmitting device and put it into half, then put half of the information has been sent into the receiver, only half of the signal received at the receiver only when alarm, which can effectively avoid the interference from other radio waves. The system tag light, small, cheap, stable performance, high detection rate, interference, and not cause false positives. Products are two kinds of vertical and concealed, is the ideal apparel store anti-theft system.

(6) intelligent systems

Unique application of intelligent systems technology, is an internal control by the integrated circuit, battery, set the hard tag and alarm systems as one group. When the label is or pry out along with shopping malls with goods, the system will automatically send alarm. The system enables the range of goods throughout the mall are to be protected, accurate reports, labels can be reused, without damaging goods. Used to protect valuables, such as fashion, leather, fur clothing and so on.

(7) The principle of system damage

Undermine the principle of anti-theft system is a hard tag or magnetic lock. A built in hard tag ink, when the thief attempts to remove such a hard tag, hard tag will be ejected ink, contaminated goods and the thief's body. Magnetic locks very difficult to remove, destroy goods will be forcibly removed, it easy to use, has a good deterrent effect and low cost, used in clothing, eyewear, jewelry, neckties, silk and other goods, the label can be reused.

In addition to electronic goods outside the anti-theft system, anti-theft shopping centers are closely related with the closed-circuit television surveillance system as well (Closed-Circuir Television, CCTV). CCTV monitoring system can monitor what happens within the mall and found a suspicious event, a deterrent to deter use. With electronic security systems, the advantage is that it is capable of effectively monitoring the situation within the mall, and can use video to record events or theft of the process, trace evidence as the basis for the future. Shopping can be qualified electronic security systems used in conjunction with CCTV, which can be more effective in preventing crime within and outside the thieves, improve security effectiveness and reduce the loss of retail goods.

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