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Dactylogram identifying uses shallow analyse in entrance guard domain
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Well-known, entrance guard control is applied extensively in the whole world, main room installed entrance guard system entirely almost, the importance of entrance guard product and closed-circuit television supervisory system, guard against theft calls the police is unified appearance, collective composition safety is on guard system, in include the Pentagon and average office inside by wide application, the sale with annual whole world achieves above of a few U.S. dollors, wu of kimono of the production that there is the company of more than 5000 aboves to be engaged in entrance guard product in China, sale, installation.

This article basically is aimed at dactylogram identifying to do to discuss simply in the application of entrance guard domain:

One, dactylogram identifying applies in entrance guard domain

Dactylogram identifying applies in entrance guard domain, will look according to market size, order should be dactylogram reads a head, machine of dactylogram an organic whole, dactylogram lock.

Be in China, the development of entrance guard does not cross short 5-10 year time, abroad has had the history of more than 30 years of above, for the applied function with entrance guard controller, domestic controller still basically manages at discrepancy pilot, and foreign product basically had entered the field with compositive security. From the point of front identifying equipment, radio frequency kind (RFID) held the about 9 markets that become above, biology identifying regards entrance guard identifying as a kind of front, in a few keys the place has gotten applied, these biology identify have include acquaintance of body of dactylogram, control, face to fasten, the means such as iris, show grain identifying held whole live thing to identify the portion of 50% above among them.

Radio frequency identifying still is the one part with the most important front of entrance guard identifying, among them card and read card implement sale was to hold system of whole entrance guard more the 3 portion that become above, external door of home of make a comprehensive view bans current situation of radio frequency identifying and development to look, it is almost realized monopoly position by a few main companies, include the international such as HID, INDALA, AWID the share that famous supplier held much, and be in China, the card of EM/Mifare and read card implement in the supplier that basically also masters in a few a few.

In order to have radio frequency entrance guard for, get stuck and read card implement the price has fallen to the end of cereal, the sale reads card implement or the profit of a piece of card can have used cent to calculate. But in respect of entrance guard controller, as a result of technology and product stability restrict, each controller manufacturer of home are to let a hundred flowers blossom however, each have each advantage.

Have a more distinctive entrance guard field, it is machine of an organic whole this one, as a result of the petty gain of the advantage that its install and price, be on guard in doorway of many company office building and safety the room with small requirement is used. Because the security of its product is inferior, also make the main trend that this kind of product makes the market hard, even manufacturer of controller of quite a few distains to popularize, but undeniable is, the shipment amount of machine of an organic whole is very large still, no matter be home or abroad, although its profit also has dropped,compare low situation to.
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