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"Restful city " analysis of monitoring group net and its development trend
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” of construction “ restful city, compose builds harmonious society

Project of ” of “ restful city is an oversize, omnibus very strong management system, the range that he involves is wider, need to satisfy the requirement such as direct of public security management, city government, traffic administration, lash-up not only, and even the side such as monitoring of early-warning of reason of tickler of calamity of give attention to two or morethings, safe production is right the demand of image monitoring. It also is an average supervisory system not just, consider to call the police even, of the system of form a complete set such as entrance guard compositive and the linkage with broadcasting system.

A whole digital video supervisory system, of all sorts of information that essence is monitoring area get, transmit, exchange, analysis, memory, retrieved process. From its physical develop attacks is to say, a whole video supervisory system includes, equipment of front equipment, control of transmission part, center and storage equipment.

The technology that restful city supervisory system builds has two kinds big on the way, one kind is to use digital-to-analogue to tie kind, it is to use matrix couplet net and control of hard disk videocorder and record namely, pass various transmission agency, receive through smooth end chance especially. The kinescope with important supervisory system is the matrix that transmits a center commonly. This matrix may be multistage matrix actually, can show, can have the control of clavier, can do the analysis of multimedia. Another kind is pure number means, it is the plan that imitate camera accepts a network through making up decoder, use existing network resource, use the number is compressed and transmit a technology, the transmission that realizes long-range image, broadcast and store.

At present the main obstacle of net of group of urban supervisory system is the difference with equipment compatibility very big presence, it is “ thereby the net of supervisory system couplet of restful city ” steps forward for difficult, very inaccessible expectant monitoring result, the cause that causes above result basically is, how to prevent the systematic platform that compositive neither one opens the system, the system that manufacturer of of all kinds subsystem develops to cooperate his product is compositive platform, such systematic platform, the platform of type is not opened truly on countable, the meaning with compositive system depends on, the data of deep administrative levels is shared between each independent subsystem, the systematic platform that my individual thinks supervisory system opens type should be, can the equipment of compatible and different manufacturer, different equipment agreement, different technique, different equipment can bring into this platform to come up move, enlarge look of the system expands the function wants powerful, information management of the system must, height is consistent. Lift company of AEBELL of a Guangzhou to be exemple in project of monitoring of restful town road, the monitoring of NDMP manages platform, compare of the expression in the application of the actual project of restful city have an advantage, the settlement with this very good software the compatible problem of systematic group net.
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