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Numerous expert decodes plasma China market dispirited 3 big reasons
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28 days go about plasma in sina home appliance of situation in chatting, manufacturer and expert are cast not only piece dilettante buy liquid crystal adept buy plasma, and point out plasma is in China the market in last few years defensive is in gradually in development, result from 3 big reasons.

Principal is the circumstance of lean to one side of manufacturer home, day establishs digital image (China) Wei Xudong of minister of carbon of limited company business cadre says flat TV is in China truly development rises also the time with respect to 34 years, begin later from 2003. Inchoate moment basically is plasma above big screen, liquid crystal go up at a draught the quantity is 2005 second half of the year is mixed 2006 when, more and more country brands perhaps say international brand, be in advocate push liquid crystal, an equilibrium point on the market was broken. Of course of the phenomenon of lean to one side of manufacturer and face plate of upriver liquid crystal commercialize pace to accelerate not without the relation.

One when defend Xu Dong to consider as computation to go up next biaseds, general authority hears a figure, liquid crystal takes whole tablet hundred little, how much does plasma occupy, actually liquid crystal begins from 20 inches or so now 52 inches bigger perhaps have, plasma is to be centered in 42 inches of above, so these two numbers are in relative moment you can feel the amount of liquid crystal is very large. If compare apparent plasma from domain of large size of 42 inches of above alone,hold a dominant position. But Wei Xudong admits plasma of domain of prospective large size and liquid crystal will have equal shares.

Accordance of standard of MII number TV detects central CTO Zhang Subing thinks information asymmetry is very crucial also. He thinks odd from the word for technology and product, liquid crystal and plasma have actor drawback each, belong to newborn thing, won't go up in the technology or differ on product quality a lot of, the manufacturer that the key became liquid crystal now is particularly much, and the of 779% sample in bazaar is liquid crystal completely, those who guide the member that buy gives you the introduction also is liquid crystal, still have crowd effect, the comparison that this kind of element occupies is much.

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