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One night spring breeze comes Asian navigation is exhibited ignite market of one
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Asing if is one night between, computer city of Shen Cheng and digital square appear a lot of “GPS navigator ” , the reporter is in when visitting each to sell a city greatly, discover this one grand picture, sell Mp3 formerly, the agency of computer fittings hanged the old standard of GPS in succession, it seems that the storm of an adumbrative industry is forthcoming.

Of the reporter guess the confirm that got the government, exhibit an organizing committee to understand from Asian navigation, asian area distinguished gathering of industry of first large-scale omnibus navigation - exhibition of 2007 Asias navigation (NAVI ASIA 2007) will be in center of Shanghai international conference to be held ceremoniously at coming 30 days on November 28, 2007.

Exhibit can sponsor Fang Borui to be able to exhibit general manager to fill Mr Lei to say, exhibiting meeting general this is the large exhibition that Asia-Pacific area is aimed at navigation industry first times, the limits that postpone business enclothes catenary of whole navigation industry, namely the satellitic navigation system from upper reaches, the navigation chip design of middle reaches, map is collected reach software of processing, form a complete set is compositive, to production of downstream satellitic navigation terminal unit, the newest information of the industry and newest trend take in everything in a glance. Exhibit meeting general assemble numerous domestic and international well-known trademark, it may be said is Chinese navigation industry first the most large-scale “ battlefield nods arms ” , also be domestic and international manufacturer the big the main chance of mutual communication, mutual study.

“ market of navigation of drive of 3 carriage ”

In recent years the automobile industry of swift and violent development, demand of the Beijing Olympic Games that system of traffic of the intelligence below main support mixes the government sector 8 years and strong market of Bo Huijiang of world of 10 years of Shanghai, the “ that had become Chinese navigation market to develop quickly 3 drive carriage ” .

The personage inside course of study thinks generally, navigation industry has made industry of global new and high technology, china will make the whole world market of estate of the biggest navigation, only the market dimensions of car navigation will achieve 10 billion yuan 2008, and with annual 200% grow to the speed of 300% .

It is with car navigation market exemple, show according to relevant report, GPS system car of Japan carries utilization rate to be as high as 59% , euramerican it is about 25% . And up to by 2005, china deploys the car of GPS navigational aid to be not worth 100 thousand, with the car sale of 5 million quantity was compared 2005, the GPS system car of Chinese car carries do not lead 2% . Nearly two years as Chinese market the car retains quantity increase sharply and 2008 Olympic Games drawing near, the evolution of navigation industry will present the potential of " blowout " .
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