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How did global machine prevent product market to will reach 2.8 billion dollar 2
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Machine safety defends the product is the part with the rapiddest growth of market of whole disperse production automation. Predicting future 5 years global machine safety defends program market the year compound increase rate with 12.5 % (CAGR) growth. A new report points out ARC advisory group, this market total value reached 1.5 billion dollar 2006, and 2011 hopeful raises 2.8 billion dollar.
The abidance of industrial machine equipment demand is whole machine safety defends the immediate cause of program market. The rate that the sale of machine equipment is having no before each respect in the market rises. Accordingly, whole machine safety defends product side generated huge demand in the market. Chief inspector of research of ARC advisory group, report " global machine safety defends program market looks into " main author SalSpada expresses: “ defends to machine safety product yuan for the supplier of parts of an apparatus, the biggest challenge is more and more products are in enter this one market. ”
Safety raises yield
In manufacturer eye of the whole world, installing all is one makes up for the method that natural resources of high skill labor lacks. Because the consciousness to always investing redound is stronger and stronger, stabilization plan becomes politic sex to be weighed for the Chongzhongzhi of manufacturer. Besides ensure the worker's safety, manufacturer still makes in study how intelligent safety strategy becomes dominant position of a competition, is not the burden that raises cost. As control motivation of servo, fluid and PLC enter the market, how does the machine of these domains prevent plan to be installed traditionally in minatory move prevent relay the market.
Advisory service and senior sale channel become increasingly important
Advisory service becomes increasingly important in the process that sells a product, can help machine manufacturer be its special application makes right choice. The problem that when a lot of problems that machine manufacturer faces are establishing optimal Electromechanical program for the machine with them, encounters is same. Because mechanization, electron is changed,become the crucial essential factor that obtains higher yield and reliability through machine design with software, need a brand-new method to design a machine below a lot of circumstances.
Asia-Pacific market opportunity is the greatest
Growing the sharpest machine how to prevent product market is China, Japan and India. Roll out the cavalcade of laborer as more and more old people, the growth of Japanese market especially fast. The company that Japanese government asks to exceed 20 workers must buy the machine that contains safe and compositive program and equipment. Under photograph comparing, because travel,China is the grow quickly and causes pair of machines how to defend a product demand of sightseeing and infrastructure construction project increases. Additional, international is large manufacturer sets a plant in Chinese investment in succession, also be one of accounts that this area adds to this product requirement.
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