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Potential of GPS navigation market is tremendous new ground of competition of th
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Although the cold war day of two countries has gone, but Russia and United States are in contend is additional a war, one breaks the battle of the science and technology of situation of navigation of American dominant satellite.
To the end of this year, russia aerospace arrange plans to launch 8 navigation satellite, the satellitic navigation system that completes homeland with this - ” of system of satellite of navigation of “ whole world (Glonas) deploy works.
This system hopeful most the Europe that begins to reach part and Russia photograph adjacent in Russia, asian country moves, push to 2009 to the whole world, the ” of system of location of “ whole world of preparation and United States (GPS) undertake competitive.
Not be Russia is trying to break the United States to be in only the forestall of respect of satellitic navigation technology. China had built his satellitic navigation system, “ north fights systematic ” . Although be opposite as a result of private contractor oneself whether the time-out that obtain an interest to express to suspect and created a system, the European Union already also began Galilean ” of “ of research and development (Galileo) system. The system of Russia does not worry about this, because Russia government is taken,gave oil income to support the construction of this system.
What is the impetus that this science and technology competes? Because more and more people need to surmount the application beyond azimuth satellite navigation,the part is. Agriculture, the enterprise of bank industry needs satellitic navigation, satellitic navigation provides service platform for the advertisement of specific place, for instance, should carry the user that has mobile phone of satellitic navigation function to pass astral Buck cafe or when Mcdonald's dining-room, satellitic navigation system can be offerred add have advertising trend indicator card.
Data of “GPS guild ” shows, what the satellite locates systematic sale has fitted is hot. 2006, global satellite locates the sale of systematic equipment broke through 15 billion dollar, predict this one market will still with annual 25% to of 30% add fast progress.
Additional, this competition still results from the concern of other country, they are afraid, the United States may be during the war, use the monopoly position on GPS system to cut off the satellitic navigation signal of hostile country.
The Andrei G.Ionin of analyst of a spaceflight of “ strategy and ” of technical analysis center thinks: “ a few years in, the enterprise that does not have satellitic navigation signal will become inconceivable.
A lot of things need navigation signal, plane, the train, passenger liner, person, rocket, the love of precious animal and each one is bestowed favor on. Ionin says, among the trap ” that those countries that rely on American GPS system will be immersed in politics of fringe of ground of a kind of “ , because, american is the ruler of this one framework.
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