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Well of colliery of thrust of Shanxi in relief city leaves system of location of
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County of in relief city is countrywide key produces one of coal counties, entire county shares of all kinds mine 77. Among them: Produce per year 3 million tons of mine and 900 thousand tons of mine each 1, 600 thousand tons of mine 2, 450 thousand tons of mine 5, 300 thousand tons of mine 27, 210 thousand tons of mine 3, 150 thousand tons of mine 33, 90 thousand tons of mine 5. Year design productivity 21.48 million tons. In last few years, bureau of industry of coal of county of in relief city asks according to what save coal industry bureau, through strengthening coal industry energetically new-style change construction, raised colliery safety factor and safety to superintend a level greatly not only, and, of coal industry economy continuously, healthy, rapid development, drive entire county economy strong development, go up again new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position. 2006, entire county produces raw coal more than tons 820, gross domestic product is achieved 74. 600 million yuan, finance stops a person 1.1 billion yuan, comprehensive strength of prefectural region economy the row saves cavalcade of 10 strong counties completely. County of in relief city is in pay attention to while economy grows, act on “ to be the principle of this ” with the person, to ensure the safety of colliery staff member, built system of location of check on work attendance of the personnel below colliery well, gained a few experience from which.

One, coal industry is new-style change construction, the leader's attention, of the government driving is crucial.

The passive situation that county of in relief city sends more to turn round colliery gas accident, begin from 2000, take seriously with respect to height and begin to promote coal industry new-style change construction, in complete province and even colliery of countrywide villages and towns, took the lead in building “ of colliery safe production to digitlize ” to monitor supervisory system, prefectural government allots special file to undertake arranging disposition, prefectural Feng Zhiliang and key produce coal country (town) countryside (town) chief of long, concerned branch signed ” of “ responsibility shape. Prefectural government sets strictly, construction of system of location of check on work attendance of the member that want a colliery well servent regards as assessment countryside (town) a of government and job of unit chief year important basis, to the colliery of the task cannot be being finished inside deadline, should find out place to belong to countryside gravely (town) the responsibility with chief of leader, branch and colliery chief mine. The leader takes seriously, the government is driven, county of the city that it is this world finishs check on work attendance of the personnel below colliery well smoothly to locate the system built the task to offer strong organization to assure.

2, coal industry is new-style change construction, must realise, measure is capable.
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