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Chinese RFID popularizes storm coming
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Was opposite 2007 is a heart-stirring development for Chinese RFID manufacturer year. Afterwards 15 ministries and commissions release 2006 countries jointly " Chinese radio frequency identifies (white paper of RFID) technology policy " later, the bottom was preceded by government and guild and industry the enterprise started first time in May 2007 national promotion of the travel in large-scale Chinese RFID10000, informatization uses an activity, of its periodic length, dimensions big, those who involve an area is wide it is all-time. Just open in Beijing proof team of the drive a vehicle in Chinese RFID10000 and the relevant policy that just came on stage last year are not ugly give the hinge that the government produces continuously urge action, and at present domestic RFID enterprise is taken an active part in among them, become technical force and market to breed the main body of force increasingly, social all circles enters RFID to apply a domain actually to popularize level truly. Industry application blossoms in the round
Recently, announcement of paste of Beijing some village says, so that undertake administrative to its,the pet that owner raises needs chip of embedded inside the neck RFID; Nowadays, beijing citizen's necessary circulation amounts to millions piece “ is public transportation the RFID chip that what use inside one cartoon ” is NXP semiconductor company; Inside the 2nd acting id card that citizen of on 100 million China uses embedded also RFID chip, still have what be about to hold Beijing Olympic Games also used RFID technology to undertake preventing bogus 2008, through holding ticket person spot to enter fortune uses blame contact means to undertake probation.

Additionally RFID also dogs for goods, the measure that management and monitoring provided quick, accurate, automation. The container that is core with RFID identifies automatically, become the goods with global the biggest range to dog administrative application system. RFID is in abroad at present storage, deserve to send the application that waits for content to shed link to already had a lot of successes. Already caused a lot of our country content to spread the expert's attention. Can foreknow, our country content sheds Chu Yunye to also will rely on RFID to realize modern information management.

A series of applied demand and specific application case, the momentum that develops flourishingly already cannot be blocked, give infuse of industry of developing China RFID powerful motive force, the problem that faces at the same time also by dash forward show come, because Chinese area develops lopsided current situation, domestic RFID develops area still is mixed littoral in southeast centrally develop area, the application inside countrywide limits faces a challenge, of technology of a whole nation and application popularize storm imperative. ” of the travel in “ China RFID10000 is lifted popularize storm

In China from RFID the specific application of each domain is carried out can see, the government sector support in industrial development process and drive had crucial effect, by the country from June 2006 15 ministries and commissions are released jointly " Chinese radio frequency identifies technical policy white paper " see one spot to the influence of whole industry, see the urban informatization of 4 months will serve last a period of time in September in May 2007 again one of round activities whole nation of the travel in Chinese RFID10000 explains to public activity, the watch understands a government sector to take seriously what develop to RFID industry absolutely, accompanying open ask for what ceremonially publicizes motorcade 10 thousand lis all right to set out, RFID of a China popularizes storm coming.
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