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Rental be robbed warning apparatus became slow the driver obtains compensate
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The taxi is robbed, GPS calls the police than the taxi driver late 1 minute of 29 seconds, yesterday afternoon, li Mou of business of service of GPS of court decision of court of people of heart clear county compensates for a taxi driver loss of travel limited company 8891.91 yuan.
Last year on March 3 before dawn 1:18 57 seconds, 110 command center receives heart clear public security bureau one calls the police phone, one land surnames a man to say to collect fees in some the station is taken by two men the knife is minatory, reaved a taxi. Although car crashs in escaping road, but personnel escapes by good luck, police of after the event captured two criminal very quickly.

After criminal is captured, taxi driver and location firm immediately what provide GPS location system for this taxi individual and industrial and commercial door Li Mou told a court. Original, travel company ever signed an agreement with Li Mou: Li Mou just should offer place 24 hours to belong to car trends state for the taxi () of real time monitoring, if have,call the police if information encounters sudden incident, li Mou should the report when informing travel company to just be reached for a short while is relevant branch.

At that time, liu Mou is at large the mobile phone is used after giving a taxi to 110 call the police, time is on March 3 1 when 18 minutes of 57 seconds. After GPS serves a total stage call not to have echo, to 110 call the police, time is on March 3 1 when 20 minutes of 26 seconds, with accuser Liu Mou to 110 call the police removed 1 minute of 29 seconds.

The court thinks to contrast agreement of contract of service of bilateral place label, the accused performed monitoring service of 24 hours, also took corresponding step, also to 110 undertake calling the police, but later than accuser 1 minute of 29 seconds, the service of the accused is put in certain flaw, reason is put in behavior of partial break a contact.

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