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"Restful oil division " be such " refine " become
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Production of oil gas of triumphal oil field achieves “ 9 years to come new tall, maritime oil division achieves 0 hair record, result of detachment of battalion frontier defence cannot be done not have east! Li Zhonghua of vice secretary of management board of ” victory oil field evaluated this timbering oily powerful force highly a few days ago. Start shooting is maritime the oil that turn over pilfer guards battle to ensure maritime oil division is safe, the Shandong end 2006 east group of a light boat of boat of detachment of battalion frontier defence is established formally, become countrywide head to raise the full-time that is a purpose with guarding maritime platform, pipe laying to execute the law force.

Be aimed at inadequacy of ability of night flight or navigation, the group fumbles actively the training method that went out to suit oneself, mastered skill of night flight or navigation adroitly inside shorter time. To realize boat a light boat much angle, all-around marine pipe laying is concentrated area, unmanned value defends platform 24 hours uninterrupted patrol laid a foundation.

Oily area is restful, education is first. Patrolling daily in be on duty, officers and soldiers use a variety of means to publicize " criminal law " , " public security management sanctions a method " , " conduit of oil natural gas protects byelaw " wait for legal laws and regulations, educational masses enhances abide by the law sense; Compiled and print " tell broad fisherman civilian masses book " , to the exercise of associate with ship and oily area periphery fisher civilian extends freely, make they understand national policy and legal laws and regulations adequately.

Alarm before force leans, station troops maritime. They take fraction piece cruise stays the way that defend with calm dot, built “ calm sea area, calm ship, time, the “ that decides task ” 4 calm ” is maritime patrol duty mechanism. Insist to be below the condition that sea condition allows, insist to be sent everyday be on duty boat a light boat patrols in key maritime space be on duty, in the meantime, develop 3 motorboat the characteristic of flexible for emergency use, increase maritime oil division to patrol density and patrol efficiency, came true to be opposite alarm deal with the quick response of affection, in time. This year on Feburary 25, 37012 a light boat are in a center when 2 platform patrol, discover platform of CB22C well group has the water column that is as high as 6 meters or so ejective, patrol officers and soldiers gives marine oil extraction in time the plant circumstance newspaper, to prove a cause, eliminated danger affection to win valuable time.

The group is begun center punish check 17 times, check accuse of all kinds shipping more than 5400, extend propagandist material more than 7000, seasonable discovery reports accident of leak of maritime crude oil more than 10, set out on a voyage of accumulative total of boat a light boat is on duty 486 the number of voyages or flights, night flight or navigation 95 the number of voyages or flights, when total boat more than hours 4000, total range 25000 sea mile, realized maritime oil division to hit oil blocking pilfer and “ of serious criminal case ” of 0 hair case.
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