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High quality USB is photographed like the head
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HandyCam high quality USB is photographed like the head

USB photographs the memory that recalls professional personage in video like the head in, be known to be the fittings product of low character all the time. Face electronic market to go up especially low when choosing to 60 multivariate products, it is to make a system compositive more business and client not know what to do.

Show from the market data that exchanges inside course of study, the software form product of video communication is developing all the time puissant army, cooperate a variety of demand of Chinese market especially, product of software video conference had peculiar sexual price to compare a dominant position. Accordingly, face the market of professional form a complete set of video conference product, high quality USB is photographed have effective user demand and potential market amount like the head.

Limited company of Electromechanical of Fuzhou heart peaceful was 2008 new supplier of freshness product of a professional fittings, the target locks up product of the low end that decided professional market, high quality fittings. Current, the “HandyCam” that releases inside course of study is the type of the first product that heart peaceful Electromechanical has a brand oneself.

HandyCam is an USB2.0 is high quality photograph like the head, crust of dumb light of white, circle, foiling shallow blue grinds cover of arenaceous camera lens and key-press, cooperate the aureate LOGO on housing, integral style appears active, fluent, give us the sense of a bright look.

HandyCam is heart peaceful Electromechanical invites design of write of engineer of product of the elder inside course of study, be aimed at the use requirement of the little assembly room of industry of professional video conference, used the sensitization of VGA format CMOS with dynamic advantageous effect chip, cooperate USB2.0 high speed advocate dominate chip, in the collection of 640x480 the format falls, can achieve 30 frame extremely quick result fruit.

Be collected to make sure the video of video conference is dynamic and answer put sense of reality, design staff is special the optical glass camera lens that chose distortion of an immensity predestined relationship, light transmittance is tall, colour is true, image brim is not had be out of shape, have the perspective of 60° .

HandyCam is a product that avoids drive installation in WindowsXP and Vista system, in Windows2000 system, carry out a Setup to install a program, can complete all installation processes quickly. In installing a program, consult market level, offerred a few big example setting that stick to offer recreational alternative.

In sample test, the resolution standard test that our resolution chose CCTV gets stuck and colour piece test gets stuck. In resolution test, below the format of 640x480, can differentiate clearly the graticule of 480 lines (graph one) , the X/Y way that tests link is out of shape without generation. In colour test, the indication colour of piece of of all kinds, agree basically with the result that checks personnel range estimation, did not discover colorific deviation phenomenon (graph 2) .
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