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Portable equipment
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Apply to a person to reach command center to car, person. As a result of equipment bulk small, weight is light also can install undertake high-definition clear image is transmitted on aboard and unmanned aircraft. 60 kilometers can be transmitted below apparent distance.
•Working frequency paragraph: 300MHz ~ 800MHz, frequency is adjustable 20MHz (rate pace enters 125KHz)
1.0G-1.4G, frequency is adjustable 50MHz(frequency pace enters 125KHz)

•Output power: 5 W of 1- is adjustable
•Accord with MPEG-2 technology standard
•Power adjustment: Adjust power 1-5W is successive and adjustable
•Passageway bandwidth: 4 / of 2 / 8 MHz
•The code sheds 0.8Mbps~6Mbps
•Modulation means: COFDM
•Format of phonic video data: MPEG-2 @ ML 4:2: 0
•Video input: PAL/NTSC
•Frequency passageway: Line Input/Output (0dBm@10kΩ ) HMJ300B-T portable catapult

•Image definition: Transmission rate is 25 frame / when S, resolution not under 720×576, can dispel the image of the gram that pile up contest
•Pile up by accident rate: ≤10-6
•Have power source directive, phonic video inputs condition directive
•Carry upright delay time: 40ms
•Working voltage: DC12V
•Power supply: DC 12V/3A
•Batteries: Can work 4 hours continuously power supply
•Transmission distance: The person arrives car: 1-3 kilometer; The person reachs command center: 1 0~15 kilometer
•Use means: Bear
•Offer all the way 2 video, frequency;
•All the way SDI interface
•DB9(strings together buccal 1) to use power of frequency modulation, air
•FEC: Viterbi (1/2, 2/3, 3/4)
•Guard track: 1/32, 1/16, 1/8, 1/4
•Power supply: DC12V
•Weight: Bear type 2.0kg
•Dimension: 138 Mm×57 Mm×238 Mm (L ×W ×H)
•Power source directive, power directive, video is indicated
•Working environment: Temperature: - 70 ℃ of 30 ~ relative humidity: 90 %
•Save an environment: Temperature: - 80 ℃ of 40 ~ relative humidity: 90 %

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