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What did system of network report source control bring for you
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1. offers fivefold electric power to protect the close-fitting control of —— equipment power supply

It is OK that contemporary computer room has fourfold protection not just have nothing worry about. Besides have “ ” of generation set of derv of ” of two town report, “UPS” , “ can is opposite of the computer room provide integral power supply besides, due still the close-fitting protection that fivefold electric power guarantees —— to use electric equipment power supply to every and management. RPDU of system of network report source control can have specific aim ground to have power supply control and government to every equipment that use phone, can set calm time task or condition to spark the task undertakes timing, close, restart, or resolve trouble automatically selectively. In the meantime, it can reduce computer room detail to locate the loss that scotoma causes, promote the character of unit of intermediate power supply safeguard, the enormous pressure that slow down power supply system faces, the security of stimulative power supply system. Close to be not decisive equipment, arrange sequential to power source, peculiar independent insurance can prevent what surge electric current causes to equipment of IT of the second line of a couplet effectively to damage, and circuit utilization rate the biggest change. Use RPDU and UPS collocation can provide additional protection, can remote programmed control makes power supply, realize the loop of equipment and other management unit thereby.

2. is offerred have according to what can check detailed put on record the premise that —— digitlization manages

System of network report source control can is opposite the mains switch condition of each machine ark, environment monitors data (temperature and humidity) and the circumstance that use phone undertakes be monitoringed immediately, provide function of management of forms for reporting statistics according to user demand, bring into system of computer room distribution and air conditioning completely system of computer room management; Know the volume of bad news phone of user server, specific aim ground promotes appreciation service fee.

3. is round-the-clock the long-range control outside belt of follow one's inclinations intelligent management ——

Pass RPDU of controller of network power source, the server of the aleatoric niche that administrator can pass Web interface or network of computer room interior dominates this product the second line of a couplet at any time and place, signal transmits equipment or the other equipment that use phone, the platform of software of intelligent management system that and can be passed covers suitably with RPDU comes time, calm task operates relevant facility, win time of valuable technical trouble removal for technical personnel thereby, make breakdown falls to the influence of operation business lowest. At the same time this also offerred healthy and quick work way for the staff member
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