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Features of a variety of technology of new-style surge protector and application
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Surge voltage is right electric with electronic equipment (exactly the amount occupies processing system) can cause huge to endanger, in going a few years, report emerges the harm that voltage causes is increasing, the loss is bigger and bigger also.

The sort of product of the surge protector that current oneself has many well-known companies to produce, communication and system is increasing, get be used extensively. Its are main the product includes: System of structured surge protector, surge protector accessory, surge protector is tracheal, terminal, power source receives plug-in unit, install a tool, label product and hot contractive product. Won multinomial and main surge to protect a project, for example telegraphic, electric power, railroad, aviation, traffic, finance, government, education is waited a moment.

For this the article will solve the new-style surge protector such as protection of surge of make a present of of protection of power source surge, signal surge protection, day to apply technical feature and applied citing to make analytic introduction to its. Introduce new surge first accordingly basic concept.

1, new surge is main concept

1.1 about electromagnetism compatibility

The problem of electromagnetism compatibility involves equipment of electron of each electric power to be able to rely on a gender to protect the regulation of the respect most. In the electron yuan the existence is particular concern between parts of an apparatus or systematic component, must try to prevent the generation with avoiding to disturb ahead of schedule. Electromagnetism compatibility is relative to newer regulation, only then at ensuring electronic equipment especially the reliable job of for military use and aviation system and apple-pie. Electromagnetism compatibility begins to affect us as development electronics and the microprocessor that use generally. The problem that each country expert begins to research this field forecasts potential harm sex in order to overcome negative effect. The technology that electromagnetism compatibility brings and economic influence cannot be measured with the number, this arises by all sorts of reasons.

The European Union establishs code of EEC of / of No.89 / 3 36 nowadays its purpose is right country of all European Union and the country that signed membership agreement carry out electromagnetism compatibility clause. For example the 1 3.6.2 Duan Ming of CSN3 32000—1 standard sets as follows truly: “ person, cultivate, belongings must avoid to get the harm of surge, the reason of surge is varied, if atmospheric discharge, line is transient,press and electrostatic etc. ”

Graph 1 expressed the interface between electric equipment and environment, they may be affected by two elements place: Mutual inductance and input. It is the mutual interference between two wired or wireless equipment actually. The input can divide for two parts: Online interference and wireless at faze. Surge is one of main problems that solving generation of ancon of electromagnetism compatibility problem. When involving a transmission to electric energy, must remember well the following 4 quality factor: Voltage grade, emerge grade, nonlinear grade of change, surge (shed emerging wave crest to emerge) .

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