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Spot a new student system of guard against theft
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New student of Mu Ying identifying system of guard against theft

Product classification: New student of Mu Ying identifying system of guard against theft
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Perfect ceaselessly in medical treatment system today, the informatization rate of the hospital has risen greatly, present large hospital had used hospital information system (HIS) , it is the child that hospital management is the same as photograph of contemporary software technology, network technology to be united in wedlock. After using HIS system, went to the lavatory really masses go to a doctor, also raise medical treatment to serve level and hospital level of management.

But, current HIS system can not solve all problems. For example conjugate of baby of the management of infantile guard against theft of department of gynaecology and obstetrics, mother identifies management, special patient to locate label of electron of management, archives changes equipment of management, medical treatment to identify management automatically to wait in real time, it is the function that hospital information system is competent hard. Identify a technology as wireless radio frequency (RFID) development and the success application in each domains, in the application of medical treatment industry the advantage also is shown. Be aimed at the special application of medical treatment industry, the market also has product of ceaseless soft, hardware to roll out, to raise hospital modernization go to a doctor of more level, convenient people, convenient hospital manages made contribution.

Shenzhen limited company of science and technology of writing wisdom intelligence is wireless radio frequency identifies a technology (RFID) research and development and the firm that use promotion, there has been successful case in a lot of domains, rolled out in succession: Check on work attendance of system of system of system of management of intelligent parking lot, personnel article management, management of conference sign in, entrance guard manages a system to wait.

Mu Ying identifying and system of management of infantile guard against theft are the result that combines RFID technology with medical treatment industry, the department of gynaecology and obstetrics to large polyclinic or Fu management of the management of Mu Ying identifying of the hospital, infantile guard against theft, passageway attributive management have major effect.