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GVS, the enterprise is efficient secret weapon of management
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The development that accompanying a business expands, orgnaization dimensions is giant with each passing day, personnel is ceaseless grow in quantity, management is more and more intricate, the process is here medium, the enterprise appears to the application of informatization particularly important, tall efficiency ground undertakes to company production operation all-around accuse with management, become governor people the problem that cares most.
“GVS whole world can inspect ” of early warning system is monitoring of a when roll out by fear power long-range image, early-warning, transmit, product of memory, management. It is integrated martial scout, satellite dogs net of aether of fixed position, space navigation, biology is video the core technology that identifies 4 big fields, systematic front applies aerospace eye to collect phonic video holographic data, can alternate arbitrarily the perspective is multidimensional watch, encounter inbreak alarm affection the spot threatens, super number engine receives linkage automatically, transmit, memory news source, can realize controller cautionary to the security of the key area of the factory, unified monitoring, unified memory, centralized management, resource is shared. “ is versed in desire be apt to its thing, surely first benefit its implement ” , use GVS serves as assisted management tool to be able to wait for a respect to realize “ to devise clever strategies in spot management in, besides a thousand li of decide the issue of the battle ” .
To vast enterprise user character, GVS regards a kind of new-style monitoring, management as the system, virtually is outspread the vision of controller and hearing, let manage a layer to be able to master business information more quickly to run program in order to adjust better. Whole world of fear power GVS can inspect early warning system main function includes as follows at 3 o'clock:
One, the function of traditional supervisory system
Specific include pair of real time sound, image and historical picture operate with management, no matter controller body is in where, can carry a network or call a plant the monitoring data of corresponding place.
2, safety is on guard linkage is auxiliary
Can be on guard according to the safety of the enterprise demand undertakes safe alert is installed, long-range fortify and withdraw a garrison, with all possible means linkage calls the police, once happen alarm affection, the user is received immediately call the police while phone and spot picture colour are believed, police station of linkage factory gatehouse, apanage is received alarm, the safety that is an enterprise is on guard provide strong auxiliary measure.
3, informatization government backup forces
Through GVS the whole world can inspect early warning system, controller can discover a problem in time, intuitionisticly, aggrandizement flow, the standard is operated. Return the safe condition that can examine storehouse goods area remotely at any time and place, managing production cost, compose builds science, the administrative backup forces of informatization.
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