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Tracker of GPS of accumulator guard against theft
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Buy of v/arc be on the throne is relatively out-of-the-way base station staff member management manages relative weakness to its, in these base most circumstance appearing in the station is base station batteries is stolen. Although base installed in the station call the police system, but the limitation as a result of situation and other factor, when often coming with the policeman in the staff member before illegal element already will base station batteries pilfer goes. This product is ” of bait “GPS tracker is placed in station of this kind of Gao Wei radical, according to be being stolen the fixed position data of ” of tracker of the “GPS in batteries finds out sale channel and guilty member.

Cent of ” of “ dark sword is two parts: Software of monitoring center management and call the police terminal.

Basic function

ØFunction of GPS satellite fixed position: Tracker will assemble GPS module, the monitoring center that sets beforehand can is opposite the moving circumstance of this terminal undertakes inquiring.

ØUrgent call the police: The GPS data when tracker or commutative bureau and base station number, appear when exceeding the change beyond set limits, tracker can be received to what install beforehand alarm hand machine and monitoring center call the police, and to send monitoring center, time upload GPS position information and corresponding commutative bureau to reach base station number; If do not have satellitic fixed position, call the police corresponding commutative bureau is returned to reach in information base station number. Whether can the center is opposite according to this circumstance judgement this terminal undertakes dogging.

Make up:

ØLead plane: (2PIN electrical outlet; SIM gets stuck; GSM antenna; GPS antenna)

ØSIM blocks 1 piece

ØGSM antenna

ØGPS antenna

ØPower supply cord 1

Monitoring center

Be in the monitoring center of the user, install professional monitoring software, implementation manages from terminal, state government, and the center calls the police with receiving information is monitored to begin what have whole course to terminal to dog.

Main demand

Hardware requirement: 300 Mhz Intel PentiumII or processor of Mhz AMD K6-2

64MB memory

The above of 28.8 Kbps of clavier, mouse, speed, Internet that have Slip/PPP or receives one after another continuously

Working environment: Windows 2000 / ME / XP

Necessary software: Microsoft Office Access/ Excel, mapx 3.5

Technical parameter:

ØPower supply source: 12/24V DC

ØWorking temperature limits: - ℃ of 20 ℃ ~ 60

Ø3 frequency / 4 frequency

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