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The development course of supervisory system of closed circuit video
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Closed-circuit television supervisory system (appellation CCTV) it is the main component in how preventing a domain, the system reachs his to assist device through remote control camera (stage of camera lens, cloud) , observe the condition of the place that be inspected by inspect directly, at the same time can the circumstance the place that be inspected by inspect has synchronous video. Additional, TV supervisory system is OK still, call the police with guard against theft the other security technology such as the system is on guard systematic linkage moves, make user safety is on guard ability gets whole rise.
Closed circuit supervisory system can be in the situation that the person cannot watch directly, report of timely, image, bona fide is monitored dominate the picture of the object. Closed circuit supervisory system already became broad user, the most effective observation tool in the monitoring in modernization management. Controlling a center, want the operation of a staff member only, can observe many area be accusinged, and remote the monitoring function of area.
The development of video supervisory system experienced 3 level roughly. It is at the beginning of 90 time previously, basically be the closed-circuit television supervisory system that gives priority to with imitate equipment, call supervisory system of generation imitate. 90 time metaphase, raise the development with video technology as what the computer handles ability, people uses the ability of high speed data processing of the computer to have video collect and handle, the high resolution that uses video realizes the much picture of image to show, improved picture quality greatly thereby, this kind of multimedia that is based on P C machine advocate system controlling a station calls the 2nd generation to digitlize supervisory system of this locality video. 90 time end, what handle ability and memory capacity as network bandwidth, computer is fast rise, and the occurrence of technologies of all sorts of practical video processing, video monitoring entered the network period of complete digitlization, call supervisory system of the 3rd acting long-range video. Supervisory system of the 3rd acting video is with the network rely on, the compression with digital video, transmit, store and broadcast for core, with intelligence economic image analysis is characteristic, caused the technical revolution of video monitoring industry, got group of academia, industry and the height of use branch take seriously.
Compare with traditional imitate monitoring photograph, digital monitoring has a lot of advantages
The first, facilitating computer is handled. Because undertook digitlization to video image, can make full use of so the fast processing capability of the computer, undertake compression to its, analysis, memory and show. Pass video analysis, can in time discover unusual situation and call the police into travel linkage, realize unmanned value to defend thereby.
The 2nd, suit remote transmit. Capability of digital information interference rejection is strong, suffer the effect of attenuation of transmission line signal not easily, and can undertake adding close transmit, can be consequently besides thousands of kilometer spot of real time monitoring. Be in especially abominable or spot environment is inappropriate at direct development the circumstance of the spot falls, digital video monitoring can achieve the result that visits the site. Although the spot is destroyed, also can obtain the true record of the spot beyond all the same.
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