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ATM takes police box of money machine safety automatically
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As social progress and ceaseless development, for more the access of facilitating people money demand, now of home each are big in small town bank was established a lot of civilian outdoors and automatic ATM extraction a money, of outdoors and automatic ATM extraction a money establish, went to the lavatory greatly the life place of people needs, but the issue that immediately also brings a lot of safety to go up. Set park as a result of these machine extraction a money outdoors, what often use is to open type to take a money, all operations of person extraction a money are exposed in the at present from the person, not only it is to operate a password to be peeped likely, when often taking a money, be changed by stealthily substitute one thing for another of interference of person ill will the case that the bank blocks also happens from time to tome, property worse is a little illegal element flat and direct expect is by the ATM, after waiting for person extraction a money to take a money of direct brazenly reave debt. Be based on this insecure element, already began to ask the bank is establishing outdoors ATM extraction a money at present in the public security branch of a lot of cities when, the safe police box that must install a support of the people extraction a money to be not person extraction a money to keep apart. Requirement of this police box can accommodate one person to take money inside only in same time, and be whole sealing type, when somebody of police box interior, exterior personnel cannot enter police box, such greatly the security that enhanced to take paragraph person.
Controller of entrance guard of ATM Access Controller, it is the control system that is police box of safety of outdoors self-help bank technically to design, this controller has cabinet stability reliable, function practical, price is low advantage, it is OK to divide outside controlling electronic trivial, still have a group to expand call the police output and many groups of patulous inputs, can come true to call the police in the implementation when emergency, also but with call the police 110 implementation are not had seam linkage.
Controller of entrance guard of ATM Access Controller is had go out request pushbutton each other locks up a function, when police box inside when nobody, exterior personnel can enter police box interior through the pushbutton of police box, pushbutton implementation can go out in-housely through police box when walking out of police box; When somebody of police box interior, the pushbutton outside police box is automatic invalidation, exterior personnel cannot enter police box, only the personnel inside police box is walked out of, exterior pushbutton ability is enabled afresh. In the meantime, police box interior still can contain call the police input pushbutton, can use when emergency.

Technical data:

Output and input

2 groups of requests open the door pushbutton inputs terminal

1 group of C report locks up relay to output terminal
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