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Use at gas to purify, gas stores and the new material of activator carrier respe
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Use at gas to purify, gas stores and the new material of activator carrier respect

Blank —— of home of fill of latest technology of beehive activated carbon seeks collaboration
Use at gas to purify, gas stores and the beehive shape activated carbon of activator carrier respect, already mounded by music at present limited company of science and technology of carbon of day gain brilliant and place of composite material of Shanghai traffic university joint development is successful. Roll out do not contain product of the Tian Baocheng that sticks the composition that receive an agent activated carbon. Its advantage depended on avoiding home is at present congener because the product shapes the blemish that the composition that receive an agent introduces and brings is stuck in the process, can apply extensively at high temperature tall wet, in the environment with big content of acerbity, alkaline, organic dissolvent, and the change that won't produce intensity and function; As a result of the laziness of pure material with carbon element, pass all sorts of means load of all kinds activator, can not cause an influence to activator property, pass conventional hot reclaim technology, the intensity that can undertake to the product second birth also won't affect a product directly and shape structure.
Level of technology of industry of our country activated carbon is backward, product of partial beehive activated carbon just appears on the market in last few years, but these beehive activated carbon still are put in not little problem, main reason is in the blemish of Yu Jicheng engineering technology. Because activated carbon uses our new-style beehive to avoid felt advancedly,shape latest technology, to at present on the market congener product, avoided its blemish, raised function, increased utility. It not only include the advantage with original activated carbon, if compare the surface to accumulate big, hole to develop, exterior chemistry is luscious round stability, fight soda acid caustic good, and after invalidation but second birth is waited a moment, and as a result of its unique beehive structure, still have percent opening surface of tall, geometry accumulates bigger, gas to distributing loss of even, pressure the small, advantage that does not have caustic of dust, wear-resisting, below similar requirement, the vapour lock of beehive activated carbon is only compared to the same period the 1/10 left and right sides of grain activated carbon. Specific have the following:
One) because use,avoid felt to shape technology, the use that avoided binder performance is so steady, finished product encounters water, soda acid or organic dissolvent and temperature change won't affect his to develop action.
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