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Home Security Home security should be noted that the times into the early warn
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Home security should have double meanings, one refers to the life and safety, two-finger property theft. Traditional home security is to install a passive infrared detector, which is characterized installed in the interior, so the room unattended, its role in the protection of property theft can be achieved. The basic principles of home security systems Home security system using the system, by wireless or wired connection all kinds of detectors, to achieve anti-theft alarm. Fixed telephone lines connecting the host and, if the police intelligence, the customer set the phone or the phone number dial the police. Home security system is to prevent theft, looting and fires and other accidents of important facilities. In the event of emergencies, we can promptly notify the owner by telephone, to facilitate the rapid take emergency measures to prevent accidents or disasters to expand. Home security system usually consists of: the detector (also known as the alarm), transmission channel and alarm control of three parts. Alarm detector is composed of sensors and signal processing, used to detect intruders or smoke intrusion by electronic and mechanical components of the device, is a key anti-theft alarm system, and the sensor is the core component of the alarm detector. Principle of using different sensors, it can be of different types, different uses, to achieve the purpose of the alarm detection with different detection devices. Common detector with infrared body sensors, magnetic door and window sensors, smoke fire detector, gas leak detectors, anti-flood detectors. Active infrared detectors, and its strong anti-interference performance, and also mounted on the outside, the indoor human activity has nothing to do, as long as the external entrance of your house equipped with active infrared detectors, once someone enter the room, on the timely warning, life security is guaranteed, the property is intact. Play a defensive back, the consequences of a small purpose. Home security system is widely used in homes to prevent theft, robbery and emergency relief, smoke alarm, anti-cut line alarm, gas leakage alarm, safe, burglar alarm and even some enterprises can also be used, for example, anti-theft alarm cargo warehouse, factory powerhouse, restricted anti-theft alarm, burglar alarm snatches the financial sector, organization units, security of confidential files, store shopping goods warehouse burglar alarm, burglar alarm residential commercial and residential network, car parking burglar alarm ... ... Home security techniques that can be taken Most of our current security measures rely on air defense and anti-matter (such as security doors, iron fence, etc.), if able to do so by technical protection measures will have a multiplier effect. Infrared burglar alarm installed. This alarm device is in working condition, can fire invisible infrared light, as long as people enter the light control range, the device sounds an alarm immediately, if there is a thief to enter, residents can now find, and thieves do not even know, often without a fight. Electromagnetic locks installed password. Installation of such locks, lock from the outside when the need to press the password, or can not unlock; if forced open, an alarm lock alarm will sound. This will alert people inside or neighbors, one can scare away thieves, two thieves can also be captured. Active support and actively participate in urban residential alarm network system. Users install the alarm device in case of danger (such as burglary, theft), the alarm will automatically send pre-configured zone alarm, police station, the alarm device immediately and automatically display the user's exact address, the police can quickly get out police crime scene, arrested the perpetrators. Home security warning the next Anti-theft alarm system of technological innovation in the security industry is relatively backward (relative to monitoring systems, access control systems, intercom systems, etc.). But the last two years, anti-theft alarm system technology changes slowly and gradually to the high-performance processors, large-size liquid crystal display keyboard, and the direction of Internet and computer (based on TCP / IP transmission technology). In particular, set the alarm zone, online programming, wireless alarm, etc., anti-theft alarm system has greatly improved, basically using the mixed zone alarm and online through computer programming and zone setting means, in the past by the police zone to set the keyboard input line programming and the basic phenomenon is no longer there. Anti-theft alarm system is currently the most important innovations in a variety of detectors, and detector technology updates the relative difficulty of the alarm host to larger, there need to combine multidisciplinary technical innovations. Such as optical, microwave, improvement of various sensors, special sensors research and development. In the market, the construction market also contributed to the development of anti-theft alarm system industry, an important reason for delay. The rapid development of the intelligent building for 10 years, the anti-theft alarm system was first being introduced to the residential building. But with video intercom system, the technological revolution, anti-theft alarm system to be phased out of the housing market, which also led the industry in the domestic market share gradually decreased, affecting the industry's technological progress. In the past 10 years, the burglar alarm industry is relatively slow, full of digital technology has not yet started (the host and the detector area). Therefore, I believe that the future security alarm industry will move towards the fully digital detector, all-digital network platform, multi-angle control of the means of technology (ie a variety of techniques combined alarm alarm protection system, a variety of high-performance, low false alarm rate detector R & D) development, and access control systems, intercom systems, large integrated monitoring system, and ultimately integrate with the computer as an integrated security system, is about all of the security subsystems are integrated to the computer integrated alarm management platform system.
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