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Bureau of Shenyang EHV: 500 kV tower cable put "security cloak"
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To further improve the power to implement technical measures to protect against damage, theft occurrence of power facilities to ensure safe and stable operation line, starting from October 30, Shenyang Bureau of sending high pressure area began on the 500 kV electrical Liao Sha Line, Xu Liao line, Dong Liao line installation of security bars and other tower sheathed cable, as of November 15 the council to install 44 base 176 anti-theft cable sheath. This anti-theft sheath epoxy resin, polyamide resin, zinc phenol solvents, additives and casting from a mixture of curing agent, can play a preservative, anti-theft, anti-damage effect. Meanwhile, the security council also printed jacket outside contact report Numbers to the people in that destruction, theft, acts of power facilities after the first time told the council. With the recent increase in power lines, theft, destruction of power facilities, criminal acts and human damage to power facilities in the repeated occurrence of a serious threat to safe and reliable operation of power systems, while significant by Economic losses. Bureau of Shenyang, in recent years, high pressure increased the protection of power facilities and promotional efforts, and for the theft, destruction of facilities in case of high power taken measures for the global unification of 500 kV tower put distaff The "anti-theft while" actively and effectively protect the security and stability of the circuit.
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