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From various aspects of the development trend of anti-theft alarm system
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Regional networking of With security awareness, as well as the rapid development of intelligent building, anti-theft alarm system, the average point capacity is rapidly increasing, from the original number of alarm detectors, increased to a hundred dozen, a few Hundred. Size of the area to prevent expansion of the construction layout of the complex, the late probe position adjustment and distribution expansion, etc., all of the control anti-theft alarm system management framework as well as system design proposed new requirements. Anti-theft alarm system, communication links typically include alarm detector and alarm interconnection between the controller and the alarm controller and the control center of the network. Deployment in the actual construction process, in order to be flexible with the detection The number and routing devices, mostly between the detector and the alarm control switch is still using the traditional signal transmission, while the alarm controller and the control center of the network is robust and flexible extension system is the key to stability. Phone line networking of high operating costs, slow network, multiple users at the same time to address the alarm line blockage, Alarm Alarm centers need to configure multiple controllers and multiple communication links. Dedicated bus networking Low operating costs, network speed, but the coverage range of small, poor reliability track laying, transmission susceptible to interference. Made to prevent the region to increase the scope of extension of the monitoring alarm system, distributed in all regions of the alarm controller must be a sound support advanced communications network, the control center of the security personnel to all exploration on the system Detector alarm status at a glance, the traditional networking changes the face of such difficult to sustain, and Ethernet alarm technology is making it possible to achieve this requirement. Joint Integrated Multi-system multi-platform development of security systems integration has become a major direction, anti-theft alarm system is no exception. Among them, the alarm information on the strong market demand for video review makes the anti-theft alarm system and as Frequency integrated linkage between monitoring systems need the most. Emerging in the region if the monitor alarm, security personnel would not normally appear on the scene quickly, if at the same time there is more Alarming situation, can not spare more than one place to go. If the anti-theft alarm system, video surveillance systems can be linked to the control center can immediately observe the scene in real time alarm and accurately identify whether there is invasion or a review of false positives, the alarm automatically records the time and location Information, automatically recording and video capture and inform the relevant law enforcement departments. Strengthening Police and peace-building depends on the remarkable effectiveness of the city, many cities have already made a front-line deployment of 20 million or 30 million camera's vision and planning, some communities and regions has been initially established "to cover Face-to-line monitoring, control point, "the all-weather, multi-function technology to prevent network. In the image information has been completed acquisition equipment, the government only a small proportion of investment in the construction, mostly financial institutions, schools , Building shopping malls, hotels, businesses and residents within the community investment in building social forces such as the monitoring system, a large number of owners disposable camera control makes installation significantly reduce the difficulty of the video review, the moment Matrix, DVR, integrated management software and other third-party control equipment and platforms, the intelligent handling of the functional linkage also simplifies the complexity of integrated management. In addition, most current owners of small and medium anti-theft alarm system alarm service charges have not yet accepted the concept of consumption, alarm center customer service and focus on the major banks, museums and cultural, schools and other key prevention units . Ordinary users can only manage to use their own anti-theft alarm system, such as real-time alarm, alarm delay, 24-hour standoff, and other professional alarm host is difficult to fully grasp the complex feature set, not to mention the rapid application, through the Binding and video monitoring system, you can simplify the system difficult to use, allowing users to observe the image through an intuitive and easy to combine the detection and alarm security work day.
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