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Application of decryption home burglar alarm technology Raiders
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With advances in technology, home security system also will be rapid development. Traditional home security is to install a passive infrared detector, which is characterized installed in the interior, so the room unattended, their financial anti-theft protection The role of production can be achieved. In fact, home security should have double meanings, one refers to the life and safety, two-finger property theft. Basic principles of home security Home security system using the system, by wireless or wired connection all kinds of detectors, to achieve anti-theft alarm. Fixed telephone lines connecting the host and, if the police intelligence, the customer set the phone or dial the phone number report Police. Home security system is to prevent theft, looting and fires and other accidents of important facilities. In the event of emergencies, we can promptly notify the owner by telephone, to facilitate the rapid take emergency measures to prevent accidents Or disaster to expand. Home security system usually consists of: the detector (also known as the alarm), transmission channel and alarm control of three parts. Alarm detector is composed of sensors and signal processing, used to detect intrusions or intruder Smoke from the electronic and mechanical components of the device, is a key anti-theft alarm system, and the sensor is the core component of the alarm detector. Principle of using different sensors, it can be different kinds and with Way to achieve the objectives of different detection alarm detection devices. Common detector with infrared body sensors, magnetic door and window sensors, smoke fire detector, gas leak detector, anti-flood detectors. Home security system is widely used in homes to prevent theft, robbery and emergency relief, smoke alarm, anti-cut line alarm, gas leakage alarm, safe, burglar alarm and even some enterprises can also use the , For example, anti-theft alarm cargo warehouse, factory powerhouse, restricted anti-theft alarm, burglar alarm snatches the financial sector, organization units, security of confidential files, store anti-theft alarm warehouse for shopping, residential commercial and residential network defense Theft alarm, auto garage burglar alarm.
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