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Buy guard against theft implement gave pilfer rush to deal with an emergency to
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By last year August, mr Tang in Sichuan Chengdu inn of some brand 4S bought a car, when shifting a car, he prepares to buy all insurance in this inn. But the salesperson tells 4S inn him however, pilfer rush to deal with an emergency need not be bought, the dactylogram guard against theft that needs to buy some brand only implement can obtain give 3 years of pilfer rush to deal with an emergency. In 4S inn the salesperson is mixed guard against theft implement recommend of the salesperson again and again below, the guard against theft that Mr Tang installed this brand implement, 4S inn also gave him to issue corresponding formalities.

A day of this year April night, the class comes home below Mr Wang, discover a car by pilfer, he signed up for quickly case. The following day in the morning, in Chengdu near 3 annulus road, patrol the car that the policeman discovered he is missing, but wheel, annulus a bow drawn to the full, DVD can the thing that discharge takes already disappeared without trace. Because insurance company is far,be in Beijing, after both sides comes to an agreement, mr Tang opens the car 4S store, spent 10 thousand multivariate had repair to the car. After the event, he calls to be claimed to insurance company, but the staff member tells him however, guard against theft implement in the pilfer rush to deal with an emergency that the company buys to him, bought only truckload loss danger, did not buy component loss a place difficult of access, so insurance company does not grant to compensate for. Later, mr Tang finds guard against theft again implement company and 4S inn, but every time these two talk things over with be in for protracted this matter. Nowadays, the thing has gone close half an year, mr Tang still did not receive due compensation.

[lawyer argument] in this case, mr Tang can safeguard his rights and interests through the following kinds of ways. Above all, mr Tang is OK lawfully to dactylogram guard against theft implement generator and claim for compensation of the person that sell. According to regulation of product quality doctrine, because produce character to measure blemish to cause losing of person, belongings, product generator ought to assume corresponding liability to pay compensation with the sell person that has fault, the person that unless lay produce and sale,make work can prove the product is nonexistent safe blemish.

Next, buy product of guard against theft to send rush to deal with an emergency of whole vehicle pilfer not lawbreaking regulation, but whether to send component, accessory equipment to be stolen danger, should look at that time specific commitment of the bargainor, because this is both,have distinction. Insurance car is being stolen, rob, be lost during loot by the component on attaint or car, accessory equipment, need the reasonable fee of repair, belong to the insurance extent of liability of rush to deal with an emergency of whole vehicle pilfer. And component, accessory equipment is stolen danger, it is the add insurance of rush to deal with an emergency of whole vehicle pilfer, its insurance extent of liability is rush to deal with an emergency of whole vehicle pilfer avoid duty limits, liability of two kinds of insurance is complementary, do not have jackknife. This shows, the circumstance of Mr Tang accords with condition of compensate of manage of rush to deal with an emergency of whole vehicle pilfer, insurance company view is incorrect.
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