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Science and technology of Zheng hill town is on guard knit a country " restful n
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Lake village is pressed down in hill of Zheng of the county that face Shu nowadays, xing Laohan sees a person with respect to boast the benefit of guard against theft of “ caddy ” of his home is much. So a few days ago his home has thief presence in night, open after thief is procurable when the gate should go, he binds the “ caddy ” on the gate to broke electric warning apparatus to ring, frighten thief seizes a road and must escape, xing Laohan gets up to look hastily, he just was bought before long electric tricycle already was pushed by thief courtyard gate mouth, be afraid of Xing Laohan is alarmed and happily. From now on the compulsory plugger that Xing Laohan became the village to popularize science and technology to be on guard, at present the farmer of 60% above has this village science and technology is on guard equipment.

Be aimed at the new condition of current country public security, while hill presses down Zheng to be prevented in ceaseless aggrandizement people's air defense, content, raise science and technology actively to be on guard level, press down li of form that sets an example through the model, chose economic condition the abundant mountain village that better, villager pursues blame farming estate more serves as set an example, guided farmer family to install break electric warning apparatus, it is an unit with farmer, every 10 families form coadjutant group of a joint defence, install warning apparatus of mount frankpledge joint defence, one has a case, by move home of warning apparatus home to be answered. In the meantime, in villatic passageway, high street and key place, still installed digital supervisory system, photograph resemble a monitoring of 24 hours of trends, scientific public security is on guard system, make mountain village maintained abundant to did not produce criminal and big public security case 17 years one case continuously. In the meantime, still fill through taking the place of with award in the town, the society is contributory wait for a form, guide each village to increase science and technology to be on guard ceaselessly strength, the upsurge that science and technology is on guard was lifted in whole town. Current, this town science and technology is on guard a rate achieved 50% above, the village that has nearly 30% installed digital supervisory system. This town also is awarded city to build advanced unit and province safety civilization to press down honorary title in safety for years continuously.

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