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Under 40 accident fast Shanxi is photographed for the policeman collection execu
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Use the device of science and technology such as supervisory equipment, camera, videocorder, jockey to breaking the law, overspeed drives wait for traffic to violate act, the “ that uses preferential card, reconditioning is not the spot to punish ” government measure, already was used extensively by my province policeman in recent years, its are objective and accurate, timely the advantage such as management rose to hand in tubal level and efficiency. But, because there is centralized operation standard all the time before this, measure of this kind of government also aroused many controversy, make the central point that the society pays close attention to extensively. For this, shanxi saved the bureau that make a valve to promulgate " data of record of monitoring of technology of Shanxi province traffic is collected and handle working standard (try out) " , to “ ” of blame spot punishment stands issued rule.

How is monitoring where

According to " standard " requirement policeman uses supervisory equipment on road when the record violates act, ought to choose to be nodded in safe ground, and must not affect car to pass through normally. Its specific principle is: One, general setting is saving supervisory equipment border, interurban blocks an opening, the accident violates act much hair a section of a highway, badly the crossing with disorder of order of much hair, traffic and motor vehicle larger flow, a section of a highway; 2, on a section of a highway that installing fixed supervisory equipment, perhaps violate act to securing what supervisory equipment cannot obtain evidence, ability can use mobile supervisory equipment; 3, the traffic sign that setting place wants to set specific standard, graticule, signal. 4, go up in road of border of freeway, province, interurban, group of photograph adjacent policeman uses shift to measure fast span of supervisory equipment setting should be more than 10 kilometers.

Where sets shift to measure fast

Shift is measured fast, it is some closer undoubtedly year come, people reflects the biggest, central issue that pays close attention to most, this " standard " requirement: One, a section of a highway that has speed limit sign is measured fast, after measuring fast dot to should choose to indicate to speed limit in car travel, come remove undertake between a section of a highway that speed limit indicates or mark of below one speed limit; 2, already set secure the place that measures fast equipment to undertake moving measuring no longer fast; 3, outside quickly except the city, be absent commonly urban center the city zone is street undertake moving measuring fast; 4, do not be worth a section of a highway under 40km / H to undertake moving measuring in speed limit commonly fast; 5, each policeman group is in of area under administration same 10 kilometers less than is the same as a span on road general uneasiness discharges one direction two (contain two) above shift measures fast equipment to undertake measuring at the same time fast.
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